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What is the correct dosage of Rehmannia 8 for my dog?

We have a 10 yr old labrador retriever, named Pushi,  who is diagnosed with kidney failure with E. Canis detected. Her blood report is as follows : UREA 149.00, BUN 72, CREATININE 3.80, URIC ACID 2.48, ALLKALINE PHOSPHATE  311.00, Hb 9.2, RBC 3.1, the remaining components are within normal ranges. We have consulted our Vet who has prescribed Enrofloxacin for E Canis. She has stopped eating and thus is being given ringer lactose and normosol saline alternately everyday. A lot of occult blood was observed along with her stool due to which a haemocoagulase injection was being given. Its been 2 days since we have started giving Rehmannia 8 but we are not being able to find the correct dosage for her. She is 40 kilograms(88 pounds) and we are giving 6 tablets of 650 mg per day. Kindly advise us whether the dose needs to be corrected or not and also give us other suggestions.
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II personally do not understand the principles behind Chinese herbal treatment, so can't advise from personal knowledge or experience.
I just looked up "Rehmannia8" and found a lot of detailed information about it on this page:


(I am sorry the link doesn't highlight. But you can copy/paste it to your browser.)

There is also a dosage chart for animals. Scroll down the page there and you will see it clearly.

Enrofloxacin (Baytril?) -is very likely to affect appetite as its side effects include anorexia, nausea, maybe vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea.
I wonder if it is wise to give the Rehmannia8 as well as the Enrofloxacin??

Who has prescribed the Chinese herb? The vet, or a veterinary herbalist?

So many herbs are contra-indicated when there is other (allopathic) treatment going on. Herbs can clash with prescription medicines. A qualified veterinary practitioner would be aware of such things.
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