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What kind of rash is this?

I have taken in a rescue dog--a small, two-to-three year old Shih Tzu mix--and she has a strange, unpleasant rash on her hind-legs and belly. It itches terribly which causes her to scratch it incessantly (and I can only assume this opens opens up the problem for infection, bacteria, etc).

I have taken her to a vet and they (kinda) confirmed that it wasn't some kind of mange; pushing a $50 bottle of shampoo the size of my thumb onto me that has yet to of improved the poor dog's quality of life.

My best guess is that perhaps it is a very severe allergy to fleas/flea-bites (and, being no vet or animal expert, I only say this because the few times i have given her antihistamines from the pet store she stopped itching (of course this is probably because they simply put her to sleep...)).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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Wow..That's a serious reaction.... Your photo is of the back isn't it? So, it's on the back , legs & stomach? Correct?

Do you have fleas in your area yet?

You said your Vet ruled out Mange Mites...Did they do a skin scrap to check for mites? A skin scrape would also check for bacteria & yeast along w/mange. This is the first place to start and must be done correctly...

I'd say this is a possible Staph infection, but your Vet doesn't sound very interested in your case.....I wouldn't have bought the shampoo either...I would have read the ingredients & put it back down & found it elsewhere online.....

I suppose you do have the name of it?

What does this girl eat for food?

This rash could be caused by many things & you must start eliminating them one by one......Give me some more information when you can...

Until then, only bathe her in an oatmeal based shampoo...Was she this bad when you got her from the rescue? Just curious....Karla
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I would take her to another vet, one who seems interested in doing a skin scraping to see just what is at fault for the rash.  It COULD be a staph infection, which will clear up with antibiotics, but to just hand you a $50 bottle of shampoo and basically push you out the door, well, I'd be looking for someone else to treat my dog if that happened to me.  Please let us know what happens.

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