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Who has flown with a dog, in the cabin?

I'm planning a trip back home across the country, and I'd like to take Steve the Puppy, who will be 3-1/2 months old by then.  He weighs 7.5 pounds now, and in a couple of weeks, when the trip is, he'll probably be 2 pounds heavier.

The dimensions I must use for a hard sided airline pet carrier is 15" long x 14" wide x 8" high.  What the heck kind of dog fits THAT???  (Steve is a Doxie puppy, so he's long and low).  The dimensions are very restricted, since he must be able to fit under the seat of a turboprop plane on the last leg of the journey.  

I don't think he'll be able to stand and not hit the top of the carrier, which he must do in order to be in the cabin.  I hate to leave him at a kennel for the week, and undo a lot of my housebreaking in the process.  I can't check him as baggage b/c there will be multiple flight changes and I can't risk him getting lost!  

Has anyone flown their dog in cabin?  I'm just really, really nervous to take him and have someone at some leg of the flight say he's too big for the carrier--then what the heck would we do?  But if a darn Doxie puppy can't fit, what kind of dog CAN?  

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I wanna go...LOL, I was reading your comment, and I guess its sounds good, I thougtht, move over Doxie, then I read further, maybe Doxie not gonna fit so good....just humurous today....Hope all goes well for you little friend and your planning your trip...
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I'm taking him to try out some airline kennels in a few min.  It will be a moot point about the lap if he can't even fit in the kennel to start with, b/c I'm sure he'll have to be in it for takeoff and landing.  

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When I was a kid we flew a few times with our dogs in the cabin. A couple of times with a toy poodle and once with a Malamute puppy that we got in the states and flew back to Europe with us (where we were stationed in the military). That was a long time ago but I know that then they let us take the dog out and cuddle/hold him once the plane was in the air. They may be more strict now after 9/11. Did you ask the airlines if you'd be allowed to hold him in your lap once you're in the air? How many hours will each flight be? I don't blame you for not wanting to put him in the cargo. We did that once and had to have the vet give us a sedative (whoops, lol, not us - the dogs!) for the flight. It's noisy and cold down there and the dog could get frightened. And like you, I'd worry about them losing him if you're changing flights. I hope it all works out for you. I'm sure he'll be fine. After all, we have to put up with cramped airline seats with our knees up to our chins (for those of us who are tall) and no real service so I guess our animals can get through the flights with their cramped quarters too. Hopefully it will go quickly. Best wishes on your traveling with Steve!
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