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Why does my Poodle have scabs, loss of appetite, pain when picked up?

I am just really worried about my boy, he is a poodle cross and is almost 8 years old.  Lately, he has been reluctant to eat very much, less than a cup of food a day. As well as his bowl movements are very inconsistent, a few days he will have lots of trouble pooping and then a few days later he'll have super soft poop.  He has also gotten the random scabs all over his neck/head/upper back area that seem to just want to stay there.  Now, I have always picked him up the same way his entire life and today all of sudden he started whining when I did, which concerned me to the point of coming here for answers.  Hes reluctant to move sometimes (not all the time, he still loves to play with his sister, and do tricks for treats). Side note: he has super bad breath haha dont know if that matters but he hasnt always, maybe i just need to brush his teeth more
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A visit to the vet is a must at this point.  The scabs are, in all probability, related to a flea bote allergy.  The fact that he is reluctant to eat and has bad breath is what has me concerned.

Reluctance to eat coupled with bad breath USUALLY means that dental work is needed.  He has a bad tooth or teeth that hurt when he tries to chew and bad teeth can smell absolutely HORRID.  Cleaning the teeth and removing the bad ones will not only greatly improve his breath it will make it possible for him to eat without pain.

The fact that he whined when you picked him up could be just coincidental or it could mean something more serious, which is why you need to make him an appointment at the vet.  While the bad breath and not eating usually point to a dental disorder, they CAN also mean there is a cancerous tumor in the stomach.  This can cause bad breath, it can cause a decreased appetite, that's why it's so important to look into it ASAP.

Please post back and let us know how your boy is.

Thank you. We got a lot more scabs today. Bleeding and bad all over his shoulder when we got home. We are gonna take him to the vet on Monday. Fingers crossed my baby is okay. I will keep you posted.
Hope he was good and he may not be eating and pooping right because  he has a blockedge
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Yes, please let us know what the vet says.  I will keep good thoughts for your boy.

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