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Why does my puppy continue to get diarrhea after Metronidazole?

We dewormed my puppy at 4 months (had roundworms). This caused diarrhea and vomiting which the vet then prescribed metronidazole for. Immediately she began pooping twice a day with meals and it was normal. When the medication ended she went a few days normal, then slowly started increasing frequency of pooping and then started having diarrhea again. The vet immediately prescribed the Metronidazole again, this time just half a pill for a dose. She went back to normal immediately. Now again, we've stopped and it's the same pattern-increase frequency and then diarrhea. Stool sample was negative twice for parasites! Wondering what to do. I've read about IBS, but not sure if that's it. Have gotten dif opinions from dif vets! Anyone experience this?
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First let me start by saying I am sorry you are experiencing this with your puppy and I can understand your frustration. I have a Deer Faced Chihuahua who has had her own bouts of diarrhea. She will be 3 years old on May 27th and still has her ups and downs.
Now having said that and speaking from my experiencing she is on Royal Canine Gastrointestinal food which is offered in puppy formula and probiotics. She still has times that she needs the Metronidazole and there is also another pill that can be given every 4 hours until stool is firm (unfortunately I don't have the name right off hand but your vet should know). Also, changes in food trying to find the right diet can cause diarrhea, something your puppy may be finding appetizing outside or even allergies.
Please remember I am not a vet or in any way licensed. I am going by personal experience with Bailey and the other little things that may help in trying to find the cause, as well as a possible solution.
Good luck in finding the problem and solution. Probiotics would definitely be the first place to start along with diet so hopefully the flora will balance out. I pray that all goes well and you find a solution.
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