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Why does the U.S legal system treat our pets as property?

I am watching my 8yr old dog Oliver wither away. Very healthy dog for the 7.5 yrs. in our family. Took to vet for yearly check up Oct. 23 2019. Needed Vacc. shots. Got 4, including the rabies. 11/7/2019 took Oliver to the ER hospital because he could not move. Diagnosis ; immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. Four rx pills for four days were given. Since 11/9/2019 I have been cooking chicken strips, scrambled eggs, honey, a bit of water mixed with a cup of the Taste of the Wild food. (the only dog food brand Oliver has had) I do this 3x's a day. Oliver continues to be alert, excited when he hears the pop of the tupperware. He walks, drinks 4x's as much since the ER visit. We do not believe this will heal Oliver, but in my mind, food for my wife's Knight that he is during his last days.
I called a lawyer, first time in my life, I was told the courts treat pets as property. So the only chance we have is proving negligence. My "Vet" (same one for Olivers life) told us of no possibilities of a reaction of any kind. I am furious! I want to stand outside the "Vets" office holding a sign, This "Vet" killed Oliver. If money was no problem I would take that small chance in court. If nothing else, to tell the neighborhood all about the carelessness of "Vets" these days.
We will not pursue the only treatment for Oliver because of what it will not do. Heal !
When will the wealthy Americans take issues like this thru the courts and get new legislation passed for our pets?
Its only been one day with out meds. We have had time to say good bye. A 47yr. old man can cry after all.
When Ollie no longer has the desire to eat, it will be time for the "shot" of freeing his spirit. His coffin is ready. May it stay empty for another 7 years. Oliver's only chance is in Gods hands.
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I am also really sorry about what has happened, and your poor dog !
Vets worldwide seem to have their senses blocked  when it comes to possible vaccine reactions.
They all act as if it couldn't POSSIBLY be the vaccine that caused illness, which in many instances is brought on within 48 hours of receiving the shot.
Is t the vaccine itself? Or the many adjuvants in it?
My own dog had a very bad reaction to her booster vaccination one year. So I know this first-hand. Fortunately my dog was okay, just very badly upset for 3 days.

This might sound a bit unusual, and you also may have no faith in this kind of treatment, but I would say it's worth a try at this stage.
See if you can get your dog to a homeopathic vet. I don't know much about homeopathy but there is a chance it might help.
That is HOMEOPATHY, not Herbal medicine.

I hope your dog will  recover....
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What negligence do you think there was? I can tell you that even with humans, it is difficult to prove negligence. Most things medical come with inherent risk.  Even human error of the medical professional is accounted for in inherent risk but negligence comes into play with how they respond if this is suspected.  

I'm very very sorry about your dog.  Truly.  I hope Oliver is recovering.
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