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Why is my dog crying?

I took my dog out this morning as usual however when we were in the lift he kept standing on his back legs as if he was trying to see something in the mirror. When we got out side he was crying and ran straight back into the building and once in the lift he was again on his back legs looking towards the mirror. Since this morning he has kept whining on and off, its as if something has really spooked him. We have given him a fuss and a cuddle to try and reassure him and calm him down yet this doesn't seem to have been much help. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? It has only started today so I will see how he is over the weekend before making the decision of perhaps taking him to the vet.

He is a small west highland terrier and is almost 5 years old. I don't know if its relevant but there are a few storms approaching the UK and I was wondering if perhaps he can sense them coming but then that doesn't explain the lift and the mirror.
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Agree with Karla.  This could be pain related and evidently recent behavior.could be something has made him nervous. Hard to tell without actually seeing what is going on.
A few basics - is he eating and drinking normally?
Any change in his stools?  
Is he scooting his rear around, turning toward it, etc?  Anal glands that need to be expressed can cause some really odd behavior.  Check around the. Anal area fir any swelling or irritation.

On to possible pain issues - give your dog a good going over. Check inside the mouth, the ears.  Slowly move the head from side to side and up and down to see if there us any resistance or pain.  Lift front and back legs, slowly to see if there is any reaction.  Gently run your fingers, applying a little pressure along the spine down to the tail.  Check the pads of his feet and in between the toes.
Check his belly for any tender areas, lumps, etc.  

If you hit a tender spot, he will most likely let you know.  Sometimes, you might feel them quiver when a sensitive area is touched.

Checking our animals regularly should at least be a weekly routine so you are familiar with the dog and may catch something amiss.

If this continues or if  other symptoms present themselves, a Vet exam might be in order.

Yes, do let us know.
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It sounds "PAIN" oriented to me.....Have you checked both front paws thoroughly? Does it appear he can't use his front legs or doesn't want to? If so, that could be a herniated disk in his neck. Extremely painful!!!!

I personally, would get him to the Vet ASAP.......Good luck and let us know about him....Karla

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