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Why prednisone for so long?

Not good at writing, but I am desperate! So Here goes!... I have a 13 year old Lassa Apso that has old dog disease (cushings?) diagnosed by a really good vet! He weighs 13 pounds! He is on Denamarin ¼ tablet for small to mediun dogs, 1 Prednisone tablet 5mg in the morning, ½ 250mg Metronidazole pill in the morning, and ¼ Prilosec in the morning! At night he only gets ¼ Prilosec! He has been holding his own for about a year now. Yesterday he started the head tilt and really stiff walking. He pants and drinks lots of water. He was diagnosed with high liver enzymes. He does also have some mouth/teeth problems but can’t go under the anesthesia to get a dental! He has been eating home cooking, ground Turkey meatloaf with a couple eggs and some oats mixed in! Also Crock pot chicken boneless breast with no seasoning other than a bit of chicken broth to cook it in. With each meal (2 times a day morning and evening) I also include some type veggies….such as mixed veggies, peas and carrots, green beans, and an occasional bite of a caned peach.  He also has Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw kibble (chicken) that he eats a bit a couple times each day! I also add a tiny bit of coconut oil every other day! He just seems more lethargic now and not getting around very well…..he still eats good, and even though he pee’s much more he still wants out to take care of his business! He does at times seem a little confused! My hope is someone out there may have some ideas that will make his later years more comfortable and ease his symptoms without drugging him anymore! I know the prednisone is not good long term yes or no?  There is so many contradicting articles and advice on the internet I feel confused and really have no idea how to help him other than the meds the vet has him on and has been on for a year. Any help would be much appreciated and that includes diet, meds, holistic help….anything that may help! Thanks Steve
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I am not a vet but do have a dog with cushings.  Long term dosing with steroids can cause cushings, called a typical cushings.  Did your vet officially diagnose cushings of is just saying that.  Approx 15% of. Cushings is this type, the other 85% is pituitary based.  Cushings requires a low-fat diet, or dog can get pancreatitis.  Liver enzyme ALP may be related to other issues besides cushings, like bone related, or gastrointestinal.  ALT and AST are more direct liver related.   Stellla may be a bit fatty, try home cooking, and use a good vitamin.  Check fat on dog labels using dry mattter basis calculator, not face value of label.  Cushings should eat about 12% fat.  If your dog does have cushings, treating with meds is pricey, so is the official testing.  Low-fat is super important to keep from getting pancreatitis.  Coco oil is too fatty imo.  Denamari. is for liver, Met. Is an antibiotic, prednisone is a steroid, and Prilosec is for heartburn.  I’m not a vet, but this is not treatment for cushings, is it for gastrointestinal issues with liver probs?  I think you may want to cut out egg yolk, due to cholesterol.  Cushings is caused by high cortisol, the stress hormone.  Go to your vet and say this is not treatment for cushings.  If it is hard to find cool to feed, maybe check out honest kitchen limited ingred. Beef or Kim ingred fish only.  Very important to check fat using dry matter.  Good luck.  If your pet is lethargic take him in to vet, and join some groups for people whose dogs have cushings, these help a lot!  Good luck!
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Please know these are my opinions only!  Cushings is a tough disease.
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