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Why won't my dog sleep through the night?

Hello, I have a 15 year old Beagle/Bassett mix. She is highly intelligent and full of energy. She is crated throughout the day while we are at work. The 1st person home takes her for a walk. She is walked throughout the night for potty breaks and always right before bed. By 2:00 in the morning she is up scratching at the door, crying, scratching, eventually barking if none wakes up. She runs downstairs, drinks a bowl of water then goes outside to use the bathroom.
Why is there suddenly this urgency in the middle of the night? It is disruptive to our sleep and causing issues with our not being able to get back to sleep.We really need this odd behavior to stop.
She won't sleep in her crate overnight; it is in a separate room and she howls when we try. My husband hasn't gotten more than 3 hours sleep a night because of this behavior so we need a resolution please.
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Hi Peace73...
It is time for your Senior dog to get some blood work done to assess her Kidney and Liver functions.
The middle of the night urgency, to drink water and urinate, are both signs of Kidney failure. ( My dog was doing the same thing.)
Hopefully this will not be the case with your dog, however....just given the fact that she is a Senior Dog, warrants the need for blood work.
Please make an appointment with your vet as soon as you can.
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The extra need for water is a red flag! Along with what Connie has said, these are also signs of a Diabetic Dog....I assume you have already taken her to her Vet and voiced your concerns about this new behavior???

If not--When's the last time she had a Senior Panel Run & full check up?
I agree w/Connie.....She needs a Vet check w/Full Blood Panel to rule out certain diseases......Medication will help control these issues if she is diagnosed with one like Diabetes.....

Also, Being crated ALL day & expected to stay in a crate all night can lead to
Urinary problems like UTI.....A urine sample needs to be run to look for infections that make her need to pee more!

Good luck--Let us know what you find out.....Karla
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Thank you Connie and Karla for all the great information. We have contacted the vet and made an appointment for her to get a full senior check up. Fingers crossed she is healthy and her issues are simple to solve.
I'll let you know after the appointment what results we get back.
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Thank you Dawn & good luck....Karla
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Hi Dawn,
I hope you get good news from the Vet. Thank-you for the update.
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