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Will he be okay?

I have my mind mo n puppy s peach I didn't know he couldn't have it. He's acting weird now will be be okay? Please help
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I have him a peach now he's acting weird. He's nine months old bulldog
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I am really sorry to only just see your message  Lexx11_

How is your dog now?

A peach shouldn't be toxic for a dog....BUT PEACH STONES/PITS ARE!!
Not only that, but they can cause blockages in the gut.
I really hope your dog is okay.
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Hello~I hope your doggy is feeling better.
Peaches should not cause a reaction, but as the previous poster stated, the pits will, they will in us humans as well.
If anything like this happens again, try to get him to your vet for an exam, it may just be a tummy disorder, or he may have gotten the peach pit when you weren't looking.
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