My parents just found rice like things in their cocker spaniels bed.  We looked and determined that they came from the dogs anus.  We called the vet and were told they are worms and the vet doesn't need to see her but will put her on de-worming medicine.  My concern is she might have had these for a few months.  She loves to eat rabbit poop.  How contagious is it for humans????  Also, I have two very small dogs and we've been visiting for a few days.  How contagious is it for dogs????
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Tapeworms are usually caused by ingesting a flea and is easily treated with a pill.
Treating all the pets in the house for fleas is essential to prevent reinfection of the worm.
The tapeworm is harmless save for some anal itchiness.
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Sounds like Tape worm. Unless there are other meds out there now I don 't know about, usually a dose of Droncit takes care of it. All pets should be treated.  If fleas are a problem, wash the animals, bedding, vacuum well (throw away the bag), etc.
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Google "Tape Worm" for the answers to your questions......Tape Worm segments look like rice after they have dried out......Usually, other dogs in the household need to be treated, also.  Good luck..........
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