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Yorkie itchy skin rash

    I have a 2 1/2 Yorkie,she has some skin problem. I've changed her shampoos, bathe her every 8 or 9 days, ( she gets to bad after that ), changed her food 3 times. The Vet says " gone her Benadryl", which helps  some for about three or four hrs. I'm afraid to give it to constantly. Can you help me,help my baby???
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Skin problems can be some if the mist puzzling things to deal with.  Could be hormones, systemic, food, contact or inhaled allergies, etc.
Has she always had problems or is this something new?  Are you using any topical flea treatments or collars?  No fleas, I assume.
You don't want to bath too often as it will strip the natural oils and they have no undercoat.  Try a mild oatmeal shampoo and only use products fir dogs. I would skip any conditioners.  
What food are you feeding?  Treats?
Maybe try a grain free, fish based food, transition over gradually.
How about bedding?  Us she on synthetic materials?  If so, try switching to cotton.  When you wash it, put it through a vinegar rinse.  Actually, if there are no open sores, you can use a diluted vinegar rinse on the dog.  No, she will not smell like a salad.

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What does "She gets too bad after that" mean?
What are the names of the 3 foods? How long did she eat each of them before you changed again?
Does she only get dry food? What about treats?  Thanks, Karla
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By getting to bad, I mean her skin is so red and warm( more than normal), covered with a rash, and an offensive Oder. She started,from puppy stage, with Beneful puppy food. When she was about 1 1/2 yrs, I switch to Iams,(for 1 to 6 year old, about 2 weeks ago I changed her to Blue for small breed, purple bag. Her treets,are from pecto. She loves the chocolate chip, and one cookie like with, what looks like raspberries. She has only eaten dry dog food ever, and never table food. Can you help??    :(
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Hello, I would need the actual names of the treats to evaluate them.....

When did the skin problems show up?

What shampoo are you using at the moment? Is it a prescription one from your Vet?

Has she ever had a skin scrape/punch from your vet? Thanks, Karla
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     The name of the treats are, berry flavor w/ vanilla, and carob chip cookie. This problem has been going on for around a year, I use to use just plain sergeants  flee and tick shampoo. It never seemed to bother her. Every time I mention this to the vet, he looks at her and tells me to give her Benadryl. It just doesn't seem right to give her 24/7. It does calm her some, she sleeps better, but geezzz. Oh and she has always slept in bed with us. I have alway used flee spray, three or four shots , once a month.
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Sorry, Two more things: Where exactly is the rash & what does it look like in detail? Raised bumps, red or white, puss filled, dry/scaly, yellow edges, etc.?

What's the name of the flea spray?
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       No problem, from head to tail. All over, but not her tummy. Their like red bumps, that get kind of dry scabby. Almost like she has sores, but she doesn't. She sometimes scratches till she is raw, when I' m not home watching her.  I use frontline spray, since she was around 6 months, ( not the plus, just the reg.). She has no fleas at all,oh and she has been on heartguard plus since she was 6 months old also.
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OK, I'm going to do this in segments as I don't have alot of time at once...

FIRST: Throw away any Hartz/Sergeants products you have...They are highly toxic and poisonous......Also, never combine flea/tick shampoos with any other flea/tick product.....Toxicity is likely & a small dog is most at risk.....If it doesn't show up as a skin reaction, it WILL eventually show up internally which is worse!

Here's just one  link: There are many out there, many lawsuits & many deaths...Please read this and stay away from these products!

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Next: The food she lived on for the beginning of her life is partly to blame here....Although Beneful has always been a terrible food, there's something really going wrong w/it right now......

Link to read why Beneful is bad:

Article from the Dogfood Insider just this week:
Dog Food Insider


Dog owners - Please read this entire message. Your dogs life could be in immediate danger.

If you are feeding BENEFUL brand dog food to your dog, PLEASE STOP NOW!

We try to stay unbiased in our reviews. Really, we do. We try not to put emotion into which brand we promote or not. We try to stay out of legal trouble and not stir the pot more than necessary.

But quite frankly, we've had enough of this. We've held our tongue for too long. We've been pushed over the edge. We are ready to make some noise about what is happening with Beneful Dog Food.

We received yet another report today of a dog getting very sick off of Beneful Dog Food (the dog owners vet confirmed the dog food was the cause of sickness). Our hearts sink every time we get a report of yet another dog getting violently ill (thankfully, this dog didn't die). As you can imagine, this is devastating not only to the dog, but to the owner of the dog.

This is not an isolated case! We are receiving complaints on a near weekly basis! Just check out the Consumer Affairs website and you'll see how widespread the problem is: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/beneful.html

Something is going very, very wrong with Beneful and no action is being taken by either Beneful or the FDA to resolve this problem. It's a really, really scary situation that is unfolding. Since nobody else is taking action, dog owners and consumers must take the charge on this issue.

In addition to dogs becoming sick or dying at a frightening pace, the quality of ingredients Beneful uses are very low quality. Beneful has only received our 1-paw rating (our lowest rating) and that is simply based on the ingredients used, not because of thousands of dogs becoming sick and dying.

PLEASE - if you or anyone you know is feeding their dog Beneful Dog Food, switch brands immediately. There are plenty of alternatives for you and your dog, even if you're on a budget.

Visit our website and compare brands. You can see all the brands we've reviewed so far here: http://www.dogfoodinsider.com/dog-food-reviews.html

Pass this message along to any dog owners you know. This is critically important. By passing this information on, you could save a dogs life.

This has got to stop.

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     Sooo, is she going to be ok??? Is this her life now, what can I do? I 'm really scared for her now. I will share this, no problem, but can I help her?
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Yes, you CAN turn this around......Her Iams food was not much better, but the Blue is Excellent! If she tolerates it well, then continue to use it.....I personally would try the Blue Wilderness blend instead because it is grain free.....

She MUST get some moisture in her diet! Blue CANNED foods are excellent and she needs to eat canned at least 1 meal a day....Both meals would be better for awhile....All dogs need added moisture in their diets & especially skin disease dogs! Dogs were NOT designed to eat dry food alone....Any more than we were! Two weeks on a great food is not long enough for any improvement...Continue with it's use.....

Next: You need to find a NEW Vet that is willing to listen to you and your concerns......Healthy dogs DO NOT have an odor!!!!

Because of the smell you describe, she needs a competent Vet that will do a skin scrape of her skin....They don't cost much & this is vital to your dogs improvement....At least to rule them out! You need a Vet that won't just say to take Benedryl without coming to a conclusion....

The scrape will determine whether this is a skin infection (Has an odor), Yeast (Has an odor), or Mange mites (Has an odor)!

The intense itching you describe points me to Sarcoptic Mange! Possibly has had it for quite some time....Here's a trick: Rub the flap of her ear (Kinda hard) between your fingers.....If she lifts the BACK leg and starts scratching pretty fiercely, then that's your diagnoses.....This type of Mange is extremely hard to find on a skin scrap, but treatment is based on symptoms...Also, check the tips of each ear...Look closely, if you see any crusty edges, then it's Sarcoptic Mange......This causes red, heated skin!

Demodectic Mange is not Itchy.....This mites are easy to find on a skin scrape.....Must be treated for months because it's a result from an weak immune system....Immune systems need proper nutrition to be healthy.....I have treated many for this with 100% success.....Great food helps alot! This causes red, heated skin!

Next: Bacterial infections are from the severe trauma to the skin & all the itching.....They itch and must be treated with oral antibiotics and special shampoos.....

Yeast infections start w/too many processed grains & sugar in low quality dogfood...They smell like Frieto corn chips to me! Special shampoos are used and sometimes prescription meds.....You Blue food will help this because it had added Probiotics in it....All great foods do or should....

Each of above listed require specialized shampoos & will eventually the odor will disappear, but you must know what your dealing with first.....

Until you can get her to a GOOD Vet, I would bath her in Aveno Oatmeal soap (Bar for humans) & do not use the frontline spray for awhile.....

Good luck & let me know what you find out....Karla

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      Karla, thank you so very much for your help. I will do as you suggested, ASAP. You have me I tears, you have giving me HOPE for her. I will keep in touch, and again THANK YOU!!  Oh and Bella thanks you.
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