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Yorkie wont eat or drink after fall

I have a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrior (Freddie) who is generally very active and in good health.  Freddie fell 3-4 feet from a recliner on 9/5/10.  He did not appear to have any visible injuries however shortly after the fall he began throwing up and would not eat nor drink.  We took Freddie to an emergency Veterinarian who said he was fine and sent him home with nausea medication.  
Freddie is mobile yet lethargic.  He refuses all food and water.  We took him to his regular Veterinarian on 9/7/10 and again on 9/8/10 because he would not eat or drink. Our Veterinarian confirmed there were no injuries from the fall.  A stool sample was taken and blood drawn.  All test came back normal.  Freddie was given a shot for dehydration and sent home.  
Freddie has had no food and very little water since the fall.  I have been giving him pedialyte thru a syringe.  I’m concerned as to why he refuses to eat or drink.  He weighed 6 pounds at the vet the night of the fall and currently weighs 4 pounds.    
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he refuses all food/water?  I’m worried Freddie will dehydrate.  THANKS
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Did the vet take any x-rays/scans of Freddie? The throwing up could be a sign of a head injury or somthing else internal. If they took a blood sample they are probably checking to see if he is dehydrated. While you are keeping an eye on him at home in between vet visits you can do things like check his gums, a healthy dog has pink gums (any shade.) If he is sick his gums will be pale/discolored like white, grey, yellowish, brick red or blue. To check for dehydration gently pinch the skin at the scruff and pull up  then let go. If the skin flattens and goes back to normal quickly he's not dehydrated. If it takes a few seconds to go back to normal he's probably dehydrated. A healthy dog's skin has elasticity. He may possibly be in shock from the fall. You did the right thing by bringing him to the vet asap and continuously taking him. I hope Freddie gets better!
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I agree with kat comepletly she has just about  everything. importantJust make sure he is kept very quiet as it sounds like Concussian.Do not fret around him as it will stress him, talk very calmly and and confidenty to him, keep  him  drinking through a syringe do not try to make him eat and maybe get a roasted chicken sandwich and eat it in front of him so he can smell it but do not offer him any unless he is interested,if he does eat any... little bits at a time just carry on as normal.

If in a couple of days he is no better something is wrong for sure  insist on an xray or scan.The most important thing Now is calm, no bright light, rest and no stress and make sure you eat chicken and steak in front of him.
Please keep in touch as we want to know how he is doing,as it could help someone elses pet..... plus,we just want to know.
                                                     Take care.
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I cannot see how Freddie can be fine if he has not eaten or drank for several days. It sounds like you are doing everything you can but I think they must be missing something. Keep us posted, I have a little 8 year old Yorkie who fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and who cried out in pain for a moment. I was on the phone to the vet as I was about to get in my car and rush him over there but he stopped crying and slowly was able to walk. Vet said he was in shock and lucky to not have broken anything.

When he is calmly laying down, try massaging him all over and seeing if any spots seem sensitive to the touch.
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How is Freddie now?  Is he eating or drinking?  This is very worrying for you.  Please let us know what is happenening.  I had a rescue Yorkshire Terrier who was in a terrible state when I got him, I was lucky to have him for three years before he passed away.  The cruelty he received before I got him at 3 years old, stayed in him.

If Freddie had all these symptoms after he fell, perhaps it is shock, and he will need tender nursing until he gets over it.  You have done everything yolu can for him.  It has been going on a long time I admit.  You are doing everything you can.  

Let us know how he is now.
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My 2 mo yorkie fell, not to high about 1 ft or so high.  Right after he, began to shake, stiff body, eyes were going all over the place and would not react to anything!!! I was terrified.  He finally came back but still wouldnt walk to much, or do anything. He then started to foam/drull and that is when we took him to vet, got Xrays & seemed to be ok. Other than some liquid in lungs due to seizure. He still not 100% as he is very active and he is not moving and just in bed. Not eating but finally this morning drank a little water and walking more. Is there anything I can do to get him back to normal?!?!?!? I am very sad & worried for Teddy...

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