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advise on my dog scooting

hi can any one give me some advise i have a 4 year old doberman ***** she is up to date with jabs has been spayed and up to date with flea and worming. she has had her anal sacks emptied several times but is still scooting took her to the vets they checked her anal sacks again and they empty and no infection although lilly is scooting so much that she is losing her fur at the base of her back some one has suggested sulfa tables has any body got any advise or has used these tablets before. please help any advise will be gratefully received thank you
worried owner kayleigh
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Guess the Vet has ruled out anal sac problems unless it has been a while since they were expressed.
This can be caused by parasites.  Dud he check the stools? Any sign of tape worm?  Do you see anything in the anal area that looks like dried grains of rice?  
Do you bath her and, if so, with what?
Any changes in bedding?  Any changes in food and what food do you feed? It could be the food.

You might try regularly wiping that area with a warm towel.  You can also try cold compresses.
If she won't lick it, you can try applying a little OTC hydrocortisone cream to see if that helps.
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hi there is nothing in her stools or around her anal area

yer we bath her with baby shampoo which the vet told us to use food she eats dry weebox as this ids the only food she will eat tried her on butchers pedigree iams  most of the brand name dog food and she also wont eat dog meat she is very fussy when comes to dog food. no change in her bedding .
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I have 2 chihuahuas that have the same issue it seems like. Both my dogs get their anal glands expressed and they still seem to scoot. My vet gave me an insider tip that made me giggle. He said "the best way I can describe to a human why a dog scoots is like when a human does not wipe his/her rear properly after pooping and they go about their day with that uncomfortable icky feeling in their bum.." Well, dogs get that feeling too. Maybe your dog isn't defecating clearly and is leaving behind some residue? One of my dogs in particular scooted a lot more than the other dog and I realized that her bum wasn't as clean as the other dog so eventually I had to manually wipe the area clean with a moist paper towel to help her from scooting her behind raw and loosing hair. She still scoots but seems to be doing better. How does your dogs bum look like? Clean and pink or a little murky?
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