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So the vet said that our baby was suffering from allergies, but he didn't tell us from what or what to do about it.
I'm assuming it's a dietary thing...possibly cheese?
Someone said something about giving her some benadryl...are there any other medications ( would prefer homeopathic) out there aside from benadryl that might work?
Are there benadryl tablets? She won't take my son's liquid form...spits it out even though I tired to shoot it down her throat with a baby syringe.
Would prefer to be able to figure out what's causing her grief...but not quite sure how to go about doing that.

She bites her feet, shakes her head because of her ear, scratches her right ear (only), sneezes, and cries a lot.
Can't stand to see her this way.  Would ear drops help the ear itch and stench?
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Hello & welcome to the forum.....Well, it sounds as if your Vet ***** at his/her job!
First, you need to find out if this ear is an infection or not.....Did your vet examine the ear & rule out infection? The stench is of concern....What does it smell like? Ear infections MUST be treated or ruled out! It also could be a yeast infection....Bacteria & Yeast both smell bad.....

Next, what breed is your dog & how old is she?

What do you feed? Name & how long she has eaten it....Including snacks.....This is important.....

Some dogs can tolerate cheese & some dogs can't....Small nibbles of cheese (Preferably WHITE cheeses) won't hurt her.....I'd lean more towards other things she's eating.....

Usually ear allergies are food related.....Your dogs feet could be food related, environmental, or toxins she walks on daily such as floor cleaners & carpet fresheners.....Try soaking her feet in an Epson Salt bath to get a little relief....This should help.....

The sneezing can be caused by any number of things , usually dust mites or again anything she comes in contact with on a regular basis....

You can try the benadryl....The dose is 1mg. per lb. every 8hrs......Yes it come in a tablet form that you can cut & hide in a piece of cheese....

There are many medications to treat allergies.....I'm surprised that your Vet didn't offer her something for some relief......Let me know what you think.....Karla

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Karla has given you a really good answer there and has asked some pertinent questions. I tend to agree, it sounds like a yeast infection in the ear, which will need sorting with medication from the vet, otherwise it will just get worse and worse and could result in your dog damaging their inner ear permenantly. Allergies are invariably difficult to identify, yet without finding out what your dog is allergic to it becomes pot-luck to try and prevent it from getting worse. You can have a patch test done, but this can be expensive (ask your vet about it). Karla is right to suggest that food is the most likely cause, and this is likely to be dairy stuffs. That said, one of my prior dogs was found to be allergic to animal fats, and once we had identified it we started feeding her nothing but white fish and chicken with rice, which ultimately resolved all the problems. Many dog treats include animal fats, so we had quite a job finding things she could have as a special treat, but we did eventually succeed (we fed rice bones, which she loved). Good luck on finding out what the allergy is - and please do reply to Karla's questions, as it will help give a more informed response. Tony
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Hello again...How is your girl?   When you can, get back with us on what food your feeding .....This could help her out, alot!    Karla
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