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anyone seen anything like this?

we have a pet care of business, & a client of ours has this skin issue and has craters like this on his body that are about the size of a quarter. he has been dealing with this for about
two different vets, three courses of antibiotics, gentamicin spray , routine cleaning by the vet.a new one pops up every few weeks.
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I found this article which is kinda similar:


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Where are these coming up? Is there a specific stop?
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Wow, have never seen anything like this.  Thought maybe ringworm but doesn't really look like that and would be easy fir the Vet to confirm.

I have been trying to look up photos and only came up with two possibilities that kind of describe a "cauliflower' appearance, and that if kind if what it looks like to me in the photo.

One is squamous cell carcinoma but, again, assume the Vets would suspect this.

What may be more of a possibility, and kind of fits the description and may be why it won't clear up is Viral Papillomas which are treated with Interferon in people and there is some new cream used in dogs called Imiquimod, if I got that right.
I assume these Vets have sent out samples for laboratory testing.
Wish I could be of more help, just a shot in the dark.
What breed and age is the dog?
Would love to see an update and if they get a diagnosis.
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Everywhere...back, chest, hips, knees.  I just noticed a new one on his knee this morning :(
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Thanks so much Margot49!  All tests done didn't reveal anything.  Not cancer, not fungal.  He is an 11 year old border collie.  He has a brother and he is around all of our dogs.  It's definitely not contagious, I know that.
Vet thought maybe an auto immune disorder.  She has told us that he should go to a dermatologist.  New one popped up this morning :(
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My goodness. That must be hard to witness. I'm sorry for your experiences with this. Maybe seeing a dermatologist would be best.

The sores actually reminded me of MRSA. I was curious if they did swabs and found any bacteria within the the sores?
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Not sure where you live.  Are you within travel distance to a Vet school/university?  If so, you might want to consider getting a consult there.
Or, perhaps your Vet can contact Michigan State or Ohio State and send a specimen off to them.
Good luck and please keep us posted
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