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arthritis meds for senior dogs

Hi there, this is a great new site. I was wondering if anyone has found any successful arthritis meds for senior dogs other than the rx rimadyl? My vet said that I could give mine 1/2 tab of aspirin a day.I don't know how effective that will be. I am just worrying about her kidneys/liver because she will be 14 years in April. She's a mixed border collie/chow chow weighing 75#. She's, also, my first "child" and loved so much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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give ascripton- coated asprin but I recommend giving fish oil, glucosamine with condrotant (sp)and msm. Rimadyl is real hard on older dogs

by the way I ama vet tech
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What about ecotrin, which is another coasted asprin would that work.  and how much of the other stuff do you give.

Here is a little background.

I have a 9 year old alaskan malamute who recently has been having problems with her back leg.  She is in no pain or showing no pain, except stiffness in her back legs when she walks.  It is worse after she has been sitting awhile and tries to get up and walk around.  We started giving her Ecotrin, that is what my moms vet said to give there dog for arthritis,  in the morning and when we do that she seems fine.  

My only concern and she has a vet appt on april 14th is that when she walks, her left paw turns inwards as she is walking.  But again she is in no pain she will run like that in the backyard.  I don't think she has hip displasia, because I am told she would be in pain and just lie around and she doesn't do any of these things.  

any advice would help.  Thanks.
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Has your vet mentioned Metacam? I have a chow-mix that has had several sprains (she plays rough and often trips in the holes that she's dug), and it works well for her. My vet said it's a canine arthritis medicine, but it works for other types of pain managment too.
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I have a 10 yr old pit bull with hip displasia she plays and runs and has a great time but in the winter she gets stiff sometimes like what you are discribing. I give her glucosamine it is a type of herb/vitamin. Go to your local vit shop and pick some up as well as fish oil it helps to lubrcate all joints and helps with other arthritic issues. I really don't like to give asprine type things can cause stomach ulsers and gasteric problems as well as any arthritic meds especially in older animals. But that is my 2 cents
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Wow, fantastic responses from all of you. Thank you again.mslkpage, I will ask him about the metacam. I think that may be a anti-inflamatory med ???not sure. To the rest of you, I'll definitely try the glucosamine and fish oil.  How much should I give her? I've heard of people poking a whole in the fish oil and pouring it over the dog food. Is that how you all give it to your pet? I slip meds into a 1" section of a hotdog to "disguise" it from Sasha, my dog.  Which way would be the best? Thank you all again and best of luck to your pets!
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Yes, it's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Under indications, it says:

"for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs."

Good luck! I know I hate to see any of my 4 pups in pain! : (
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