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bad cooked chicken

My small dog ate some bad cooked chicken. shi threw up but is shivering uncontrollably. what can i do?
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Shivering CAN mean chilled, but most often it means pain. Most often dogs' digestive systems can easily handle what we would call bad meat. They can bury meat or a bone till it's reeking, then dig it up and eat it with no consequences.
The pain makes me wonder if she either has eaten some cooked chicken bone which is an emergency!
Or, she has a bout of pancreatitis.
Either way she needs to see the vet quickly.
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I am more concerned this was cooked chicken.  Did she eat the bones too?  I don't like the shivering scenario.  I wouldn't 't feed her and it that continues or gets worse, I would take her to the Vet
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