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bloated stomach

My 12 year old male chinese crested powder puff has recently become very picky regarding his food.

His stomach seems bloated. his bowel movements appear normal, but less in amount due to decreased food intake.

His water intake is fine and he still enjoys the occasional baby carrot and/or celery stalk as a snack.

Any advice to entice his appetite back to regular dog food ( wet canned food mixed with dry small kibble bits )
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I think the cause of his bloated stomach has to be discovered first, and treated. He will need to see the vet.
There are a number of things which can cause bloated stomach....liver problems, heart problems, pancreatitis, internal bleeding....and other things. He needs to be checked out properly.
I the cause is found, then if any treatment is started, it should help him regain his appetite naturally
I hope there is some improvement soon.
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