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both dogs suddenly can't walk

Hi, last night my 2 yr old Golden could not walk, (problem with hind legs)...he wasnt wimpering and he showed no pain if we touched them...  this morning he is fine.   But now our 8 yr old schnauzer has the same thing...it's like
he has no feeling in his hind legs...

we recently had our landscaping beds mulched?  could that have anything to do with this?  I read on-line something about racoon saliva causing this, but couldnt find more info?  

any knowledge would be appreciated.
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What kind of mulch did they put down in your landscaping beds?

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What brand of dog food are you feeding them? There has been a recent recall of Diamond foods. "Diamond Pet Foods temporarily suspended delivery on April 8, of all products made at its Gaston, S.C., plant." I have been reading on another forum about pets who have been getting very ill and some even dying that have been on this brand of food.

Also, "Cocoa mulch can be harmful to dogs and other pets. This mulch is made from cocoa bean hulls, and dogs may eat it because they're attracted to the smell of cocoa.

Cocoa mulch contains theobromine, a caffeine-like chemical dogs have trouble digesting. Dogs that eat significant amounts of the mulch could have upset stomachs or begin trembling. The chemical could also cause a dog's heart rate to accelerate ("tachycardia"). Some manufacturers include warnings on their cocoa mulch packages to alert pet owners that the product is potentially harmful to dogs."

Please contact your vet if they are still having problems.
Sending positive thoughts for your pets' health and safety.

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Sorry, forgot to post the recall link:

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