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are dogs supposed to have ceasuers?if so,what do we do about it?
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Hello and welcome to the Dogs community!  No, dogs aren't supposed to have seizures.  In younger dogs, say 4 and under, the cause is usually idiopathic.  That means there's not any clear reason like a tumor or other lesion in the brain causing the seizures.  In senior dogs, it's more likely that there is a growth of some kind, but not always.

Most seizures can be well controlled with phenobarbitol and/or other medications.  Our neighbor's dog King, a 120-lb labrador, developed grand mal seizures around 2 years of age.  They got worse and worse and closer and closer together, but his med regimen now keeps him at about one minor seizure every 8 weeks.  Other than that, he's perfectly healthy.

Some breeds have a higher tendency of developing seizures, and those dogs who do devlop epilepsy should not be bred.

What kind of dog do you have?  Can you provide more information on when the seizures first began and how old he is?  In any event, you need to take your dog to a vet and get him started on medication.
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Dogs that convulsions, tremors, shaking, seizures are not suppose to, there is an underlying medical problems...
Seizures in dogs looks like they are trying to swim on the floor and can't walk....
It could be something the dog ate that was toxic, or hereditary issues of epilepsy, or reaction to allergy in dog food, or just about anything...
What to do in the event??? Until you reach a vet.....calm w/smoothing hands running and petting, calm soft words,,,,and you stay very calm and relaxed, do not get excited or the siezures can last longer due to your excitement...
Welcome to the dog forum, please let us know how you are doing...
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Here is a web site just packed with information about canine epilepsy.  You'll have to copy and paste the link into web browser:

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