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cherry eye infection

Hello, my dog had 2 molar teeth removed 4 days ago, and from the swelling, the vet said this had caused cherry eye and the third eyelid gland has come out. The vet said that it shouldn't be too long untill the gland will recede back in when the swelling goes down , which it has, but the gland is still out and now it has gotten very red around his whole eye, especially the gland which prior was pink. His eye is also very dry. Please take a look at the attached picture and any advice as to whether i need to seek treatment immediately would be appreciated. Thanks
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First I reply to tell you I asked the community manager to remove your "duplicate" post, the one without the picture...so that is where it went if it is gone.  It is best if those who reply see all inputs.

Given the vet said much looks normal and all should end well makes me want to not panic, but I think the vet who removed the teeth should take another look and show more concern.

We have a Westie that (rescue, don't know whole history) we had one tooth removed because of an abscess.  This was about a year ago, so going from memory, I don't recall any side effects other than a "bandaid" over the site of his IV.
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ok thankyou for your reply im gonna take him in tomorrow to have it looked at again
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