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concerned about shivering nothing else happening

Hi there, i m bit worried about my girl, she is 65days today. No fluid leak at all started shivering last night for around an hour then stopped today its been off and on. Minor panting earlier but nothing since. She's shivering again now and keeps digging. I'm just abit worried at how long the shivering is lasting with nothing else happening. I've only bee involved in bulldogs and each of those had c sections so never been threw this prt . any advice would be very appreciated
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Is she having any contractions at all?  
Not that I can notice the shivering has gotten abit more intense panted for maybe another 5mins now lying down again
Still no fluid leak
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Without being there, very hard to advise.  It does sound like she is in pre-labor.  If this started last night and there are no contractions, I would be concerned.  Can you feel any pups moving?  You have a rectal thermometer you can check her temp with?  I would expect something in 24 hours.  Like I saud, hard to advise.  You know your dog.  Weekend or not, she may need to go to the Vet to be checked.
Thanks for your help I ended up taking her to the vet straight after I last wrote on here, she delivered one massive pup unfortunately the placenta had pulled away and the pup didn't make it. She was only carrying the one, its heart breaking watching her trying to find her baby
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Glad you took her in!  Hard to lose a pup but you could have lost her too from infection.  As soon as she us better, I would seriously consider spaying her.
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