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My friend has a little little tiny girl Chihuahua. Well her idiot boyfriend was physically abusing her while they were driving down the street and little NaNa got so scared she jumped out of the vehicle while they were stil rolling. From what my friend said she hit her head on the street and then ran and hid.luckily someone saw where she went because she hid in a little cubby hole of a bldg. And on top of that she's having her period unless this is all from the fall. She used to be a very upbeat spunky little girl. Bow she doesn't look good she eats a little but she dont even want treats.and she looks so sad
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Everything Margot said and more that I can't print here. Get the dog to a vet and encourage your friend to dump the boyf. If there's known routine abuse going on, I'd maybe also call animal welfare to step in.

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Good grief!!  Someone needs to get her to a Vet ASAP!!  Someone also needs to get her out of that home if she is being abused!  Call Animal Control and report that jerk.  
Your friend better dump this jerk before she is his next victim!!
Please step in and do something!!
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