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dew claw pad torn off

our 5 yr old border collie ripped her front dew claw pad almost completely off playing ball outside. we took her to the vet and they wanted $500 to stitch it back on. we couldn't afford this so we had her bandaged up and brought her home. doing some research online i've seen a lot of people saying that her pad will grow back if it comes off..is this true? should we have her pad cut off (at a much cheaper pricetag) or bite the bullet and have her stitched up?
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Ah, sometimes I just hate dew claws for this very reason!
I have never heard of a pad growing back but a dew claw nail sometimes grow back if not removed correctly.
If it were me, and the Vet agreed, I would just have it removed.
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I agree, if it is hanging there, it won't hurt to just remove it, but it should be monitored closely for secondary infections. $500 sounds excessively high. You may shop around for a more reasonable price and have it repaired.
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My experience with surgery (or even teeth cleaning) much of the bill is for anesthetic and all the tests that go along with administering it, that is likely at least $300 of the $500  So, if the pad can be removed by someone simply constraining the dog, the pain not too much to bear, it should cost a lot less.... I say this with no prior knowledge or training.  I have paid several vet bills in the neighborhood of $1,000 for procedures that included one or more surgery steps.

I think I live in a high cost neighborhood, and my vet has a very nice and elaborate animal hospital (she has two other vets associated with her practice) and they must employ about 10 people, so it takes a lot of "cash flow" to keep that business float.   A small town one vet operation with maybe one assistant could cost less.
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I would think, without seeing it, should be basically a snip and stitch procedure.  Even at that, doubt too many dogs would tolerate that with just a local.  Maybe some Ace or light anesthetic.  OurVets prices have gone up too but I would not expect more than $200 here unless it is a large dog, more extensive surgery and more anesthesia needed.  
Yep, sure can depend on where you live.
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Hi my Pomeran has a yellow dew clew pad is that normal?
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