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dislocated shoulder

2 weeks ago, our puppy was run over by a truck.  He suffered several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a severly broken forearm.  We are not able to take him to a vet.  
In nursing him 24 hours a day, he has pulled through nicely and is wanting to get back to being a puppy.  
My question lies with his forearm.  the bone seems to be heeling well, it's got a nice calcium ball however it's still "crunches" if manipulated.  It sort of hangs from the shoulder when he stands.  I'm wondering if it could be dislocated?  He likes to roll around on his back and the arm flops around.  If the shoulder is dislocated, could this be his way of getting it back in?  

At the shoulder joint it feels different than the other.  There seems to be a space.  Maybe that's just from the break?  

I know it's only been two weeks and he's got some time before he's all better, but I would just like to know what to look for in a dislocated shoulder and if there is anyway to relocate it myself.  As I've said, taking him in is not an option.  

thank you.
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I want to be kind, warm, and fuzzy about this.  I'll do my level best, but I don't think I have it in me.

The shoulder may be dislocated, or there could be a frank fracture.  He could also have some nerve damage that is decreasing his ability to control and use the leg.  
Without the input of a veterinarian and some films, you will not know, nor will it ever heal properly.

The crunchy bone...again, without film to show if the bone fragments are in proper alignment, you will not know what's going on in there.  It will probably heal, but if the ends are not in alignment, it will not heal right, and the animal may suffer furthur down the road.

I'm not even going to guess how you diagnosed the collapsed lung, but you may have been correct about that.

Now my less than kind words.

When we adopt a puppy or a dog, and bring it into our lives, we are responsible for its proper care and feeding for as long as the dog is in our care.  Do you know that if your animal is severely ill or injured, and you do not provide proper veterinary care, that you are guilty of animal cruelty and/or neglect?  And you could be prosecuted, fined, and lose the animal?  
I certainly understand about limited finances.  So do most veterinarians.  Most, unless you have burned them before, will bend over backwards to work with you.  There is  a web site called www dot care credit do com that is specifically designed to help people finance overwhelming veterinary bills.  Often you can qualify even with less than perfect credit.  

The one thing that is NOT an option, is to do what you are doing....NOTHING but providing home nursing care (though I give you props for that).   It is the LAW that you have to provide veterinary care for this severely injured puppy.  If you can't do this, how on earth will you ever afford all the expenses that go along with dog ownership?  ONE illness can cost hundreds of dollars.  
If you can't afford to raise a dog, then don't adopt one.  Too late for you and your unfortunate puppy, though.

Left untreated, the puppy's limb will likely wither and atrophy.  He will be in some pain.  Severe arthritis can set in some of the damaged joints.  

If this is the life you feel is best for your puppy, then go on doing what you are doing.  He'll be the one paying the price, not you.  
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WOW!  Well first of all, the puppy is not going to be able to fix his shoulder by rolling around.  If you cannot get this poor little puppy help yourself; you should try to find someone that can, and give him to them so that they can.  

The above post is 100% on.   I did not know about the web site listed above by peekawho which would be great.  That way you could get help for him and keep him too; but, only if you can afford his food that is.  It looks like a rottie. They get large.  

I sold my only car for one of my fur baby's to pay for an operation on a dog I found and fell in love with.  You do what you have to if you really love them.   If you don't treat them as you would yourself "or" your own children then you should find someone that can do so.   Just as people get pregnant and can't offord the child and have to put them up for adoption.  It hurts; but, is best for their babys sometimes and so they do so.

You know what the right thing is to do.  This puppy HAS to be seen by a vet.  For all you know it could turn gangrenous.  PLEASE GET HIM HELP!

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I hate to have to say it, but you are torturing your puppy.  All the injuries you listed are extremely painful, and the limited knowledge you have regarding physical therapy is only making his pain worse, and likely his injury as well.

Peekawho is absolutely correct.  This puppy needs professional medical care - yesterday.  I have been in your situation with extremely limited funds and a very sick dog.  I have sold assets and gone out on a very weak limb credit-wise to take care of it.  The last emergency a year ago was a 4 year old dog who impaled herself through the rectum on a plant stake.  It took 2 surgeries and $7,000 to save her, but she's doing great a year later.  Her injuries, although different from your pup's, were every bit as severe and life-threatening.  There was never a moment's doubt in my mind that she needed major medical care.  There isn't one doubt in my mind that your pup needs the same treatment.  It's nothing short of a miracle that he's survived this long.

Let's get the facts straight.  (1) Your pup is suffering  (2) He MUST have medical care.  End of story.  That leaves you with three choices.  (1) Continue as your are and allow him to suffer, likely get an infection from that compound leg fracture and die a slow painful death.  (2) Start calling vets in your area now and see if a payment plan can be arranged and get him the treatment he needs.  (3) Surrender him to the Humane Society, SPCA or other group or individual who can provide the care or put him down humanely, whichever is warranted.  

Whether this pup lives or dies, please think long and hard before getting another one.  If you can't afford medical care for a dog, you can't have a dog.  Period.  If you can't keep him safely restrained and out of harm's way, you can't have a dog.  I can't think of anything more to say, so I'm going to hug the snot out my curs right now.
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Could you please take the advice of everyone here who has posted and please please take the puppy to the vet.  If you won't take the puppy to the vet due to cost then at least check out the web site for care credit.  Care Credit is a interest free credit care only for medical or veterinary bills.   Many humane societies offer low cost pet care.  Please call some in your area and get estimates.
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OH MY GOD !    You are unable to take your puppy to the vet?  People like you should not be allowed to have pets !!!
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thank you all so much for your input. I thought this was a different kind of forum.  I thought that I might find the answers I need from a VET, not just random people who love their pets as much as I do.  

The injuries he sustained, i.e. broken ribs, collapsed lung and broken humerus bone and pain management, would have all been treated by a professional the same way I treated him.  So he would have suffered the same fate if I would have taken him in on those issues.   I am certain that if he were put in a lonely cage at a strange place for kennel care, he would not have felt the love and need for him from the rest of his pack and would not have pulled through.  

I merely came on here to see if anyone had any experience in identifying and relocating a shoulder.  I guess no one has?  

Please don't jump to conclusions about a small blurp you read in a forum asking for advice on an issue.  You don't know the full spectrum of the situation and I'm not  going to go into it, for I don't need to defend myself on that.  

I assure you that my pup is healing well, and is not suffering any more than anyone else would while recovering from being hit by a moving vehicle.  He is healing well, actually, better than expected.  I must be doing something right.


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If you want a vet's opinion, then take your pup to see one up close and personal.  By the way, you DID get a vet's opinion here.  Dr. Cheng responded to you two posts above.
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No, you most assuredly are not.  You have a puppy with a dead forelimb that "flops around".  You are not confident that the fracture is healing optimally.  You are in the wrong here, as much as you would like to convince everyone that you are providing "the same care" as a vet.

Yes, the same care minus the education, the diagnostics, the surgical care that no doubt would have been offered, the ability to prescribe pain medication for these horrific injuries while they heal, and the wisdom to know what you don't know.

You have a legal and moral responsibility to provide proper care to this puppy in order that it might have a chance at a normal life with 4 strong limbs.  
You choose to turn a blind eye to the needless suffering your puppy has undergone, and may undergo in the future.   Sure, you provided good nursing care.  But that is NOT enough in this instance, and you've sadly failed in your responsibility to your animal, who is helpless to help himself.

Don't worry.  Karma has a way of kicking you in the teeth for the things you've done in your life.  And karma's a b*tch, my man.  
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Absolutely astounding. If you cannot afford to take your animal to a vet and have it cared for, you simply should not own a pet. Your home care, like Peek said, was without the benefit of an educated and caring hand, the medications needed to prevent infection and pain, and the ability to possibly stabilize the "floppy" limb.

***walks away shaking head***
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And as far as the "what kind of forum is this" question. This is a forum with regular members who know their limitations. A group of people who understand that a sick or injured animal, much like a child, needs to be evaluated and cared for my a professional. If my child was hit by a car, I would most certainly take him in to the "cold lonely" hospital if it meant he would get his proper care.
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Sorry, distracted by babies of the 4 legged and 2 legged variety.

Instructions for fixing dislocated shoulder:

Dust off pet carrier

Put pet in carrier

Put carrier in car

Drive to vet

Go inside and do what you promised to be responsible for when you took on the care of this dog.
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Unbelievable! You DID get an answer from a vet!! Dr. Cheng is a vet on here and told you to take that puppy to a vet! Or did you miss that?
How callous can you be? How would you like to be hit by a truck and sustain the injuries this puppy did? Broken ribs are very painful. Every time you take a breath, you feel pain. A dislocated shoulder would be painful too. Do you think animals don't feel pain? The least you could have done is provide pain medication. I'd like to see you go through what that puppy went through and I guarentee you would be in agony and wouldn't for a minute wait on getting the care and medication you would need. Just because an animal can't "tell" you that they are in pain, doesn't mean they're not. And now that you've waited so long you probably are going to have a disabled dog when he could have been restored back to normal. How do you know that he didn't need surgery to correct this leg? You are not a vet! I don't care how much you get on the Internet, you can't possibly know the best thing to do in this case. You did not take all those years of medical school these vets did to properly diagnose your dog.

I agree with the others. You should have done all that you could do to get the best care for that puppy. Somehow you find the money. I just had to take my daughter's kitten to the emergency vet one night last week because we thought she had swallowed something. We spent over $400 on her that night. Fortunately, she didn't need surgery. Do you think I had the money? No, we had to put it on the credit card and we're trying hard to get that card paid off because we already have a lot of debt. But I will never let an animal I own be in pain, ever. I think it would even be more humane to put them to sleep rather than let them suffer.
When you take on the responsiblity to own an animal, you also have the responsibility to take proper care of it, and that includes taking it to the vet if needed!

Please go back and read at least Dr. Cheng's response to you if not anybody else's, since she IS a vet. And please take her advice and take that poor dog to the vet before he loses his leg.

I'm with Peekawho. These are God's creatures and we're to take care of them. If He notices the little sparrow that falls out of the sky, then He notices the little puppy in pain. I too believe you will be help responsible some day. I will pray for your puppy and that God will convict your heart to do the right thing and take him to the vet. There's always hope.
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