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does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have a 1.5 yo female husky. she's energetic, stubborn, loves water, going for walks, chewing my shoes and escaping the house for a couple minutes running the street. However, my husky is not my husky. She is really sick and as of now there are no answers. So I'm hoping maybe someone has dealt with the same thing to maybe give me an insight on what's going on with her or at least present it to her vet.

depression (started about a month in a half ago)
weight loss (started about a month in a half ago)
wounds/sores on her toes, in between the toes, on her head, paw pads, and her back ankle bone (hock)(seems to be something that has spread)
ulcers and red dots on her tongue
coughs after drinking water
eyes are yellowish, pupils large and currently blind (medicated eye drops are helping as far as pupils but eyes still yellowish and she's still blind. not sure if blindness will be permanent or not)
fever (had a fever of 105 the other day. currently it has been within normal limits for dogs 99-102)
blood work revealed elevated inflammatory protein and low normal protein levels (said this is indicative of an inflammatory disease or valley fever)(valley fever test was negative)

valley fever test was negative.
she has been given an antibiotic (she's taking), gabapentin (she's taking), prednisone (she's taking. started today) and her eye drops..she's also been prescribed a bacterial medication, another pain medication and an antifungal which she has not taken yet. the vet at the hospital said either the bacterial or antifungal could make her better or could make her worse. I can't remember which one it was she said would do that. if it makes her worse then I need to think of her quality of life. yea! think of her quality of life for my 1.5 yo baby girl! depressing if it gets to that.

I've been trying to do research as far as what I can find going on with her and i'm wandering if this could be system lupus erythromyosus. it's rare, under diagnosed and obviously tests would need to be done to confirm. it's also known to be in her sister dog the german shepard. if not that then something autoimmune. i'm just curious if anyone else has had these same issues with their pup and what the conclusion was. anything would be helpful.
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