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dog acting different only at night for the past 2 nights.

I have a 3yr old dog that  has been pacing, whining, panting and having some walking issues. Acting like he has no clue where he is or what is around him. Try to take him out side and practically have to drag him out.
This has only been the past 2 night, any suggestions
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First, you should take him to the Vet fir an e am and have blood work done to rule in or out any problems.  Slight chance he may be having some type of seizures.
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I completely agree with Margot.  A vet visit is definitely in order.  Behavior such as this is not unusual in much older dogs because this type of behavior usually coincides with sight and/or hearing deficits that are common to elderly dogs.  But a three year old dog should not have these problems and in a young dog this can be indicative of seizure activity.  People tend to think that a seizure means the dog is convulsing or thrashing on the floor but there are different types of seizures.  It is entirely possible for a dog to appear as though it is just zoning out and staring off into space.  It can be a mild head tremor.  The next time you see him doing this film it with your phone so you can show the vet when you go since it's pretty much impossible to get them to duplicate the behavior on cue in the vet's office.  Please post back and let us know how your dog is and what the vet said.

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