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dog fight injury

dog has puncher in top of nose blowing bubles when breathing, should this be left open to drain outside or bandaged and let blood drain down nasal passage?
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I agree.....Please get to an Emergency Center ASAP....This is a serious wound and infection is of great concern, plus reconstructive surgery!......The loss of blood is also a factor with these injuries......Your dog MUST be treated by a skilled professional......By treating it yourself, your setting yourself up for even more seriousness......Let us know how it turns out.......I do wish your dog the best.......Karla
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Goodness me! If you had been injured so badly that there was a hole through the bone into the top of your nose, and you blew bubbles when you breathed, I think you would go to the ER.
I think you need to do the same with your dog.
Until you get vet's advice (after treatment) on how to manage this wound, don't even think of trying to fix it yourself.
I hope your dog will be OK.
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