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I have an 8 year old toy poodle (female). I have always given her little Caesar's and Pedigree Little Champions. She would get an upset stomach once in a while. The vet recommended ID diet and then she started getting a lot of gas and mucus. She would also feel the urge to go but only would do a little bit. We then changed her to Venison and the same thing happen. I have been giving her boiled chicken and rice. She has been fine. Now she has only gotten an upset stomach (mucus and urge to go) maybe once. I would like to know what would be the best food to give her and if any vitamins should be given in addition (can you also recommend one). I was concerned since she was getting older and that is why I am now considering a new diet but I am confused to which of all the products in the market is the best food. She behaves like a very healthy and active dog otherwise. Her apetite is fine too. I also wondered how much chicken and rice should I give her. (She does have skin allergies but those come and go)

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I'm not sure where to post this but I have been having a hard time finding good dog food. I recently had a gruesome discovery in my dog's Kibbles N Bits and switched to BilJac.

She was very picky with Kibbles N Bits but absolutely loves BilJac. And after discovering that K & B is complete garbage, I know why she didn't like it.

But now with BilJac, she's so thirsty and drinks a lot more water then before. She also belches after eating.... just one long one. We thought it was cute and funny at first but now we're concerned that that's not normal. Amy advice?
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If your dog was having all those problems you did the right thing by changing her food.  Since your dog is still having some problems, like the allergies, then I think you shouldn't give her the rice.  Most dog foods' main ingredients are grains, which are used as fillers, because they are cheaper then using meat.  The meat in the dog food isn't really even meat it's by products.  This includes canned dog food also.  Dogs have a hard time processing grains and are allergic to them.  Some dogs tollerate grains better than others.

My dog has suffered from allergies for a few years now.  In January I stopped giving him all grains (for example wheat, rice, corn, and barley etc) and he has had no itchy skin, no runny eyes, and no ear infections.  Another benefit is he doesn't smell or have bad breath.

I changed his diet to raw meat, which is sometimes hard to do so when I don't give him raw meat I give him EVO dry dog food (there is also canned).  My friend told me about it.  You can find it at www.naturapet.com, click on EVO then click on where to buy.  You can't order from the website.  I buy mine at a groomers.  You could ask your local groomer, vet, or co-op to order it in for you.  It is more expensive, but it last longer as you don't have to feed as much of it.

The EVO has fruit and vegies in it and the enzymes dogs would normally get from a raw diet, but I still chop up all kids of veggies and add to his dish.  I also give him one of my multi vitamins from Shaklee, but you can ask your vet for some.

You can read more about dog and cat nutrition on the internet.  One good site is www.drkarenbecker.com click on dog and cat nutrition.

I did find one grain free dry dog food at petsmart, but it had BHA in it, which causes cancer I guess, so I stay away from that and BHT now.  My vet thinks my dog has cancer on his elbow joint. That is the main reason I changed his diet.  I feel like such a bad doggy owner for feeding him dog food with that and the grains for the past 7 years.  I just didn't know.  I am taking him to a homeopathic vet now and  he is doing well.  He still has a very good quality of life and I'm trying my best to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can.  Since we found out he had cancer he has actually improved.  It's amazing - I think it's a combination of everything ...the change in his diet, building up his immune system, the homeopathic vet, and I'm also giving him ESSIAC tea.  I swear - this tea - everyone should be taking it ( it's actually for people).

Good Luck!

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