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dog passed suddenly at a young age, any ideas?

hello everyone, my boyfriends dog just passed tonight around 5pm. She was a 2 year old husky/malamute mix. she was extremely energetic and even though she was a pain, she was so loving.

about a month ago she had a seizure. It lasted about 8 minutes but she was talked out of it and was fine. The vet said to watch her and if it happened again to bring her in.

Today was a normal day. since her last seizure she had absolutely no health issues and even before then, there were none. This evening she was let outside and went pee. She started running up and down the stairs playing like she always does when she apparently dropped and went stiff. my boyfriends mom assumed she was having a seizure so she did what she was supposed to. she said that she was only stiff for about 20 seconds then went limp. at this point the rest of the family around. His mother tried to do compressions and revive her but she was gone. This has been extremely heartbreaking for my boyfriend

She was SO young and SO healthy i am having a hard time believing she just had a seizure and died. I'm a vet tech student (only a year so i really don't know much) but it seems very odd to me. The vet said maybe something with her heart, but still, she was so healthy.
I'm pretty sure they wont do an autopsy because my bfs family doesnt want her poked at (even though i want the closure of knowing, it's not my place)

if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I personally think the vet should have had her in the first time she has an episode. he doesnt seem too competent to me... but yeah, please just let me know
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So sorry to hear of your loss. Certainly a mystery at that age.

I have no idea's to pass along, but can only think that to happen that quick, it would be heart related. And yes, those dogs are so beautiful and loving.

Hopefully your chosen area of study will at least give you access to people who will share their opinions with you on what may have happened.
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