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dog sneezing/eye discharge

Over the last few weeks, our dog, JC, has been sneezing upon getting up from a lying position, and has clear discharge coming from both nostrils.  He also has had lots of eye discharge.  I have started giving him benadryl every 12 hours.  He had a vet appointment two weeks ago and was then coughing quite a bit, so was prescribed a cough suppressant.  The cough has stopped but now the sneezing has gotten worse.  The benadryl seems to help a bit, but i am very worried that he may have something either lodge in his sinus cavity or worse case scenario, a tumor.  Our friends just lost their dog because she had a cancerous tumor in her right sinus cavity.  It was so sad to watch her go down hill so fast and she lost so much blood every time her nose bled.  I hope i am just being paranoid, but i would like to hear some opinions of what may be JC's problem.  I've been reading up on dog sneezing, etc and it is all freaking me out. thanks for reading.
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I just went through 3 months of sneezing fits with my precious dog.  He had mucus filling his nostril, his nose was constantly running.  I had to clean it out for him several times a day.

The vet believed there was something lodged in his sinus cavity and that he would eventually sneeze it out.  I never saw what it was, but eventually the sneezing did stop so I guess he cleared it.

Since your dog was coughing before this started you might want to give the vet a call just to be sure it is not more serious.  Beats scaring yourself on the net (which I too am prone to do!)
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