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dog was spayed and sutures didnt dissolve

I have a dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she was spayed in september and she been having alot of problems since then, she been vomiting and wont hardly eat and been running fever, which she has done this before because she has inflammatory bowel and pancreatic insufficiency, so the vet said maybe that was causing ehr problems, but she kept getting a abscess on her incision and the vet kept draining it but it wouldnt get better, but friday she started running a high fever and her stomach got really hot and red, so I called her vet and he said to just wait and see if it got better, but I didnt think it needed to wait any longer so I carried her to another vet and he said what happened was the sutures under her skin that was  suppose to dissolve didnt and it caused her to get a infection, so he had to drain the place and dig out the sutures.  The vet I been carrying her too and the one that did the spaying didnt tell me that the sutures didnt dissolve, he just been draining the abscess.  Anybody ever had this to happen to there dog, that the sutures didnt dissolve.  I just dont understand why this happens.
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I read there is now hope that your dog will recover.

It seems clear you should never return to the vet that did the surgery.. in fact get the records transferred to a new vet and ask the new vet to take a look at the history - perhaps the one that removed the suture.  Second, I would let the vet know why you left and consider filing some complaint with the vet association and/or with the state office that licenses vets.  I'd not expect any one complaint to pull the vet's license, but if no one complains then the count never starts.

Let us know who the condition progresses.  I ask not because I have an answer, but because I care.
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