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dog will not eat

Hey I have a rat terrier dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she will not eat. The vet says she has pancreatic insufficiency and inflammatory bowel disease and she also has a abscess on her incision where she was spayed, it has done been drained several times and then again yesterday, the vet said if it doesnt get better he going to do surgery.  He isnt sure if she may have something else going on that is causing her not to eat, he said if she doesnt get better he going to do explatory surgery.  Sometimes she will act like she wants some food that I am eating but then she throws it up, but now she acts like she wants it and she gags and spits it out.  The vet says not to give her no human food.  He said maybe if I would put her food in her bowl and give her 30 minutes to eat it and then take it up that she will get hungary, I tried that and it hasnt helped.  I am so worried about her because she will not eat and she lays down all day.  Any suggestions on what I can do to get her to eat.
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With all these diagnoses, I assume that blood work was done on your dog? Did a blood panel shown pancreatitis? Is she running a fever, possible from an infection from her spay? It sounds like she can't swallow her food or she has a blockage....Has that been ruled out? Have you tried to cook her a bland diet & see if she'll eat it AND keep it down? You need to try that before she gets worse....Boil some chicken (No bones), cook some white rice or sweet potatoes with it for about 20 minutes.....Let cool & chop up into shredded pieces.....See if she will eat it....Add the chicken broth to the meal....She needs moisture!

If you have any more information, it would be helpful.....How long has this been going on? When was her spay? Is she drinking water? I think you need a second opinion from a Vet that will get to the bottom of this and quick! Let us know....Karla

P.S. Food IS Food! There is No people verses dog food...It should be all the same!
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