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dog with pancreatitis and liver inflammation. need help

Hi everyone,

My 10 yr old dachshund has just had a second bout of pancreatitis a week ago. His first one was in 2011. His. Liver and pancreas are both enlarged and look inflammed. Hes been on loads of antibiotics this past 10 days, IV fluids, etc. He was off food for at least 48 hrs and is now on boiled chicken which he loves.  His liver enzymes are high

He just started a product called denmarin for liver support yesterday. Its. Prescription milk thistle from the vet.  Hes also on baytril antibiotics, cerenia and famotadine injections for nausea

Im at a loss. He is eating the chicken (two tablespoons every 2-3hrs directed by his vet) and drinking water. He is listless. Has hardly any energy at all. He is also getting fluids once a day thru iv from me at home

Is it normal for them to be like this 10 days after a flare up?  I mean his appetite is back with the chicken but other than going outside to pee he does very little else other than sleep. Im worried

They mentioned a liver biopsy. Is that worth it?  Is there ANYTHING else I can do for him or bring up to his vet tomorrow when he goes in for a follow up?  Im afraid im gonna have to put him down and I dont want to do that yet :(  
Any advice, stories or ideas are helpful. How long can it take for denmarin to take effect?
Thank you!
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Sounds like you're doing everything you can to get your dog back to good health, or at least manageable health.  

I don't have any ideas to add to what you are doing, but write to let you know I have read your post and I am sure other have and will.  Maybe someone has some experience they can share that will at least help you understand some of the variables/aid/help.
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Thanks. Now for tonight hes acting like he has to pee but very little comes out. Not sure if its a side effect of the pepsid?
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I am just now seeing this discussion.
Afraid I can't be of much help.  I did see your other post on the peeing issue.
I did look up the medications and don't see any red flags other then Pepcid should be used with caution in dogs with kidney and liver problems.  I doubt your Vet would prescribe this if he felt it was not appropriate.  Myself and many people I know, my kids included, have often used this with no adverse effects.
My daughter's little dog, younger than yours, has chronic pancreatitis problems and has been at the Vet's at least 3 times with flare ups and whopping Vet bills.  She too was put on IV's, fasted and sub-Q fluids at home.  She was pretty sick for about a week.  She has been strictly on Science Diet ID food, not much of anything else, and she has not had any more flare ups.
Due to the age of your dog, it may take a longer time to recover or something else may be going on.
Hope the Vet can give you some answers tomorrow.
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My Maltese had pancreatitis, it also effected his liver.  It was so bad that he was on IV for three weeks and Had to process chicken and vegetables.
Do NOT do a liver biopsy.  The live enzymes are high because of his condition right now.  He is on all of the right medications, except one.  You need to have your vet write a script for pancreatic enzymes called, Pancreaze, 4200 unit caps.  Give him one cap 20 mins. before each meal
It will help digest the food so the pancreas does not have to work that hard.  Do not give dog food or ANY FOOD WITH OIL OR FAT!  It will make the condition worse and even cause it.  Dogs can not eat or digest fats!  Boil chicken, brown rice and mix vegetables.  Feed him very small meals.  There is a vitamin called SAM-E.  Give him that as well.  My dog was near death.  It;s painful, so he'll be resting for a month, depending how bad it got.  You are doing your best, just don't let the vet drain you.  The liver will repair itself when he feels better.  But check it again in a few months.
Good luck
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