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dog with swollen abdomen

Hi, my 7 year old black lab started drinking and urinating a lot in december 2011. the vet tested her for diabetis and it was negative, then after a urine test he said she had a urine infection and gave antibiotics.
By early January she was still drinking a lot and started to have a swollen abdomen.  We then proceeded to have lots of visits and he diagnosed diabetis and put her on daily insulin injections.  In March she had a lump appear on the top of her head and started to have problems moving around, she seemed to have a problem with her left hip. She also had skin problems on her neck, the vet said the skin problems were due to diabetis. As time has gone on her |head has become even more skeletal and her muscles on her back end seem to be getting weaker and weaker. My vet blames everything on diabetis but it must be more than that?
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Definatly check for cushings the first signs of my dog having it was excessive drinking, an increase in appetite, and a swollen belly.
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My own instinct would be there could possibly be Cushing's or Hypothyroid or both going on here.
I think the best thing you can do is take her for a second opinion to a completely different vet, preferably someone you know is very good, in your area.  
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I'm sorry to hear about your dog.
I guess if it were my dog, and I was not convinced about the diagnosis of Diabetes, as being the cause of all of her problems, I would definitely have the vet check her for Cushings..this would explain the swollen belly, excessive drinking, and skin issues, and muscle weakness... I would also have the vet check for the possibility of Hypothyroid. From what I understand, Cushings and Hypothyroid, often go hand in hand.
I wish you the best with your dog.
Check in often, as other members of this forum may reply.
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