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I have a 11 year old american Esmiko he is a recue dog and his eyes are getting cloudy and his throat is very soft and he has been having liver problems is there anything I can do
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The cloudy eyes could be Keratitis which is inflammation of the cornea in which the cornea becomes cloudy, resulting in loss loss of eye transparency. Now there are many different forms of Keratitis. All types of keratitis must be treated by a vet. Have you had him checked out?

The soft throat could be a Soft palate disorder. It's an abnormality of the tissue in the back of a dogs throat. It is known to be a birth defect that is more common in certain breeds of dogs like, bulldogs and pugs. It also   typically occurs in the first few years of a dog’s life so in this case that may not be the problem. Long story short, have him check out by his vet. He/she will be able to guide you in what steps you need to take if any...Good luck to you and your boy:)

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