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ear infection

Hi my dog has ear problem she is on otmax i think it is for fungel  infection, not sure.  i was wondering if i can catch fungus on my skin from my dog?
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I don't know for certain.
If your dog has Ringworm (a fungal infection) it would be possible to catch "Scabies" (the human version)
You could have a word with your vet about what type of infection this is and whether it is transmittable to humans.

In the meantime, don't worry, but be sensible. After handling your dogs ears, don't touch anything else until you have washed your hands in soap and hot water.
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is the ear infection simply brown gunky stuff in your dogs ear, and its red??
if so then no.
usually thats what otmax is used to treat.
i clean infected ears and apply meds on a daily basis and have never gotten anything on my skin.
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i had a bulldog that had frequent ear infections.  The vet generally prescribed a rinse for the ears ( can't remember but it was blue) and otomax. i never had a problem with any infection transferring.  Just make sure that your keep the dog's ears clean while you are treating the infection & wash your hands and you should be fine!
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thank you. you make sense.
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thank you all so
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thank you for your help.
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