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elevated liver enzymes

I have a 13 year od female dashound.
I orginally took her tood her vet for urination probles.
They did blood work(complete CBC) and her liver enzyes are over 6,000.(She also has bladder and kidney stones, inflamed pancreas and gall bladder sludge.  This has been repeated 2 times.  She has no other symptoms, eats well, fairly active.  She had been of Clomix for about 17 days.  I have taken her off this.
I have taken her to a teaching Vet School clinic and of course her rigular vet.
They have no idea of why her enzymes ar this elevated.
I will have a blood panel repeat next week.
Any thoughts?
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I am sorry, I don't really know why her liver enzymes should be raised, unless it is a side effect of the Clomix? ? Or there is some connection with the gall bladder problem, and the pancreatitis?
What do you feed her?

It might help you to post your question on the Ask A Vet Forum (there is a link to that put up as a 'sticky' post at the very top of the page) At least you will get a professional answer there.
Good luck
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My mini schnauzer has very simular problems.  Our vet now believes its autoimmune disease which caused his liver problems.  Only biopsy can confirm this, but because of the liver problems, my dog has slow blood clotting problems and thus cannot go into surgery. So we have just began steriod treatment to treat the autoimmune disease.  We are just hoping the steriods will not worsen the liver...
It is great that your dog eats well!! Hepatic disease is usually caused from inflamation of something else.  
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This page helped me understand quite a bit of liver diseases in dogs:
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