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english bulldog

I have a 5 year old english bulldog,max.On the top of his head he has something matted in his fur,when I use a towel to wipe out his fur comes off when I wipe.He had his flea meds last week.He isn't scratching it.I don't know what it is.Can you help,thanks deedee1021
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Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry.  Good suggestion from Karla. You might also want to look Allopecia in dogs.
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Hi Deedee & welcome...Google "Hot Spot" and see if that may be what your dealing with......Come back and let us know.....Karla
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I looked up hot spots,and I think it is hot spots,But I never seen them like that before,what is a good solution to help him?
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Deedee---If you think the description fits, here's what to do: The trick is to dry the spot out....Do not moisturize.....I personally like Hydrogen Peroxide. You can buy a bottle from any pharmacy, Discount Center or Super Market...It will be in the Band-Aid section...The bottle is only a couple of dollars.....

Clip the hair around the area and put the peroxide on it at least 3 times a day......Use a cotton ball or pad.....

These Hot Spots can get out of hand quickly...They can double in size in just a few hours....If it gets really bad (And starts getting huge), you need to head to the Vet for oral antibiotics....

In my experience, they will still ooze for a couple of days even while your treating it....Then they will stop leaking & start healing...It takes a couple of weeks, so be patient.....

There are probably other treatments that people recommended during your google search.....I'd start with the Peroxide ASAP...Good luck and let me know how it's going.....Karla

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P.S.  Be careful.......Peroxide will discolor any thing it touches.....Furniture, fabric, clothes, etc....It will also discolor your dog's hair in the area your treating....

OK I'm done.....I panicked when I remembered this and did not warn you.....Whey!!!!!
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