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fluid lump just under left sideof malaute jaw

hi there i have a healthy well kept 10 month old alaskan malamute, he gets all the fresh meat and fish he needs, and apart from an injury to his leg has had no health problems but recently a large fliud lump has appeared under his jaw on the left side, its about golf ball sized and is very soft to the point its hard to detect by touch, as it moves when i touch it, im pretty sure its just a swollen lymph glan which could mean anything, the reason im putting a question up is that its been 8 days since i found it and its still there is this a bad sign or normal?, i cant afford a vet at the moent as ive been put on part time hours, i hope somebody can help thanks
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Hi malamte, I understand that you don't have money to see a vet at the moment, but a veterinarian is the only one who can diagnose the fluid lump under your dogs jaw. It can be a number of things: an enlarged lymph node (it can be "reactive" meaning that it is responding to an infection somewhere like dental disease or something else in the head/neck region), a cancerous lymph node, an enlarged salivary gland, a salivary mucocele (which may have to be removed), a tooth abscess, a cancerous growth, a hematoma (a blood clot), etc. Your vet would perform an FNA (fine needle aspirate) which involves poking the lump with a needle and looking at the cells on a slide. You may be able to get your answer right then and there, but your vet may want to send the slide in for review by a boarded pathologist to ensure a correct diagnosis.
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