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gsd not eating

my german shepherd female is 7 month old now,c's american showline dog.for past 6months of her life c happily ate royal canine,nw c's bored with every packed dog food.we tried other things too such as egg rice,chicken rice n stew.but nothing seems to help.c's losing weight2.in 6th month c weighted 26kgs nw at 7 month c weights only 25kgs.c does not have any medical condition.plz help!!!!!
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For a dog not to want to eat, and to be losing weight, then it's my feeling she DOES have a medical condition.
The sooner you find out what's wrong with her the better.
She needs to see the vet as soon as you can take her. I would take her Monday.
A healthy dog who is exercised normally, will be hungry for food, and will eat.

OK there are some exceptions....for instance, a dog who has been brought up to eat only human food all its life, might turn up its nose at kibble.

But from what you've said, this has been happening the last month, and she was eating fine before.
She needs to go to the vet.
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Yes, IBD is a possibility, though the OP doesn't mention any vomiting or diarrhea, so probably not. However, IBD is more common in some dogs, including German Shepherds, than others, so it cannot be discounted. IBD can be treated quite successfully with the right foodstuffs, and ones that do not inflame the intestines and bowel areas. A steroid or cortisodal medication is also known to help reduce symptoms, though there is no cure for this condition. Tony
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If she continues to lose weight and doesn't want to eat, but acts normal, it is possible that there could be an issue going on known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Contact her breeder and ask if her parents had issues with this as sometimes, they say, it could be hereditary. I never thought a dog would starve themselves to death, but this happened to one of our young Pyrenees and we had to have her put to sleep at the age of two years.
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Ginger is absolutely right, even though the weight loss is relatively small, clearly there is something happening here that needs investigating professionally. At 7 months she should be gaining weight in terms of muscle mass and size, and German Shepherd's are notoriously good eaters ordinarily. It could be a blockage in the gut, if she has been chewing at something she shouldn't have, and this would need an xray to diagnose properly (though unfortunately not all blockages are identifiable by xray). A blood sample will help discount some of the worse things, like early onset kidney and liver problems. I would have suggested some of the things you have already tried, such as chicken and boiled white rice (though you could also try cooked GREEN tripe, available from good pet stores - no well dog will refuse this - and it's full of high nutrition and minerals). Hopefully your vet can diagnose the problem and treatment can resolve it. Tony
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