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healthy home cooking for my Diabetic Min-Pin

Just a question, what can I feed my diabetic min-pin that is home cooked? She will not eat any kind of dog food, this is how she got the pancreatitis that caused the diabetes.
My vet is of no help, she said that if she won't eat the RX dog foods then just give her white meat chicken, boiled only and brocolli or green beans. That's it and I know that my dog is not getting enough nutrients from this diet. She was diagnosed in May of 2006 at the age of 5. She gets 3 units of HUMULIN N twice a day. Her last Frutosomine test was on the high side, "490" but her vet said that there is no need for concern.
Please help me with some diet ideas. As it stands now her vet has given me these guild lines:
FAT= 9 grams or less per meal
Protein= 22+ grams per meal
Carbs= little or NO carbs at all, vet said there are no good carbs for any living thing, animal or man.
No fiber, no dairy nothing but chicken and green beans or broccoli. Ugh!!!
Thank you,
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I found good recipes on Petdiabetes.org too.  I usually cooked lean (no skin) chicken, lean (97% lean) hamburger, green beans, eggs, and some chicken and rice in low-sodium chicken broth for my (now passed on) diabetic dachshund.
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Dogs on some prescription diets run the risk of malnutrition depending on the underlying medical problem.  Do look into dog vitamins at your local pet store.  Some can be pretty expensive, but my vet tells me that you can generally get by with about half the dosage stated on the bottle.  

You also might try asking Dr. Cheng on the Ask a Vet forum here at Med Help.  She volunteers her time so participation on the board is free.  
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Go to : Petdiabetes.org  I think they will have what you are looking for. They have good home made recipes for dogs. Your vet is right with what he is telling you. Maybe this website will offer more variety for your dog. :)
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