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heartworm treatment

We recently adopted a dog from our local shelter and he is heartworm positive.  We have appointments to get his treatments and are planning to leave town shortly after his 2nd shot.  We have another dog who is healthy, but who is really rambunctious, so we need to separate them so he can heal peacefully.  So the plan is to leave town (Austin, TX), camp the first night on the TX/OK border, and take 3 days to drive north to Minnesota, staying in 2 hotels along the way, and stay in MN for 2 weeks.  We will be leaving the healthy dog with a friend here in Austin.  Is the camping the first night a good idea, or should we delay leaving a day and drive longer the next day?  Thanks, Anne
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I think you should not take your sick dog with you.  The stress of the ride, jumping in and out of the car, and being exposed to too much stimulation in different places is a bad idea for heart-dogs.  Please consider a friend keeping your dog, or maybe using a boarding facility.  Blessings for you and your dog - Blu
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Your post was a while ago now, but FWIW, I agree with BluCrystal.  My understanding is that dogs that are going through HW treatment are supposed to be kept quiet.  I hope everything worked out okay.
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