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help about rabies

Good day, I dont know why but i suddenly got a paranoia about rabies.. my last encounter with a dog was almost 5 mos. ago, i think i was scratched but my skin was unbroken since i put alcohol and it did not sting and no signs bleeding occurred.. i would like an advice if i should get an anti rabies vaccine now or is it too late or dont need?

thank you
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The normal incubation period for rabies is one to three months.  An animal that has been exposed to the rabies virus is not yet shedding the virus in its saliva if it is not yet symptomatic.  It's not until the animal begins to show signs of illness that the virus is present in the saliva.  Signs to watch for are behaviors that are strange to that particular animal.  In tame pets, watch for signs of aggression that are normally not present.  In wild animals, uncharacteristic tameness is a sign.  NEVER interact with a wild animal that appears to want to make friends with you.  Their natural instincts tell them to avoid humans at all costs, so a wild animal who follows you around and wants to get close to you should immediately be suspected of being ill.

A scratch is not going to give you rabies.  The rabies virus is transmitted in the animal's saliva, and it dies almost immediately after being exposed to the air.  In order for you to have been exposed, *IF* the animal in question even had rabies in the first place, he would have had to have licked his paw IMMEDIATELY before you got scratched.  The saliva would have had to have been on the claw that scratched you and the skin would have had to have been broken to introduce that still-wet saliva into the wound.  In order for you to have gotten the rabies virus introduced into your body you would have had to have saliva make its way through mucous membranes (eyes, mouth) or through broken skin.  Since none of this happened, you do not have to worry about rabies, especially after this length of time.  Please relax.

Oh, the the disease that armadillos carry that can be passed to humans is leprosy.  :)

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You do not have rabies.  I worked for a vet for 8 years and if you had rabies, then you would not be here by now.  Dont worry. :) - Blu  
PS: rabies is transmitted through dog' saliva and blood.  Dogs who have rabies are neurologically unsound, and will do thing dogs dont ordinarily do, such as attack viciously for no reason at all.  Other carriers of rabies include bats and raccoons and opossums.  Also steer clear of armadillos - they can pass a deadly disease (sry cant recall the name) to people.
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thank you blu.. im really paranoid that it affects my line of work.. what about the >1 year incubation? like the 20 years in the news?... what is the typical incubation period really?
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