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My Golden of 7 years has been dianosed with bone caner of left front paw?  Any thoughts?
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How did you find out your poor dog has cancer. My dog just developed a lump on his paw and it is being treated with meds. I posted about it a few minutes ago. I am so sorry about your dog.
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We had a dog with osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  Took him for an opinion at a veterinary teaching hospital, and he was fortunate enough to get into a research protocol.

He had his leg amputated and got chemo, then was placed on an oral study drug.  He lived for 3+ more years, which was phenomenal compared to the dismal survival chances he was given prior.

What they told me was that if the dog has no other evidence of metastasis, (usually in the lungs), if you do nothing, the dog will have intolerable pain within 3-6 months and most owners will choose to euthanize at that time.

If you have the limb amputated, the dog can survive anywhere from 9-18 months before recurrance of the cancer, again, usually to the lung.  

Chemo can add another year onto this survival time.  

Amputation cost us about $800, but this was years ago.  The chemo was covered by the research grant so we didn't have to pay.  It would have been probably $2000-3000 more.  Costs of course vary depending where you live.

The survival times I quoted are only averages that were described to me several years ago.  They may not be true for your dogs situation.

Amputation alone is an excellent option for a rear leg cancer.  With a large dog and a front leg, I have no idea if it is recommended or not.  Some dogs do not do well with front leg amputation, and it may not be feasible.

Have your vet refer you to a veterinary oncologist to get an assesment and realistic idea of what needs to happen now.  Our local vet gave us no hope at all, but the oncologist encouraged us to try, and our dog lived several more years as a result.  He actually died from something else unrelated.

Osteosarcoma is almost universally fatal, unfortunately.  My heart goes out to you.  I have 3 large breed dogs, and osteosarcoma is common in all of them.  Best of luck.
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Omg that is horrible. I just got a 4 yr old golden over the weekend, i knew of hip dysplasia but i never knew cancer was common in this breed. Now im going to be worried.
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I'm having two seperate opions .  Don't know extent except what shows on the x--ray.  About 1 inch above the paw joint. Let you know after I get more information.

Thank you.
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How far advanced is the cancer and do you know what kind it is?  What treatment, if any, does your vet recommend?  It's so very sad, but Goldens have developed a terrible reputation for getting cancer.  So much of your decision depends on early detection and treatment, and how much you can afford to treat it.  It may be kinder to treat his pain and keep him comfortable for as long as possible rather than put him through the misery of chemo and radiation.  I'm very sorry that both of you have to face such an awful illness.
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