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how to take care of dogs teeth , gums

Our dog seems to have a lose tooth, Maybe gingivitis. How do we take care of our dogs teeth. We have given the dog lots of bones.
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Yeah, bones and other chew toys will help, but keeping them away from "human" food helps even more.
The kind of stuff we create and call food these days is pretty horrible, and sugar is in everything!

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Periodontal disease is common in dogs over the age of 3.....If there is a loose tooth, your dog has some form of disease.....
First, you need to schedule a dental cleaning w/extraction if necessary. If there is an infection going on, antibiotics will be used....
After that, you need to brush their teeth if possible. I personally use a product called" Petzlife" gel. I love it!

Left untreated, periodontal disease will cause Heart related problems in the future! Once, the mouth gets bad enough, the bacteria travels through the bloodstream and wreak havoc on the internal organs.....Trust me, it's not worth the risk!   Karla
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What breed and how old us the dog?  If the dog has a loose tooth, you should get that checked, it may get infected.
Best thing you can do is make an apot with the Vet for an exam and probable dental cleaning.  Tartar build up can cause all kinds of problems, not only with the mouth but systemically.  
And, as Jerry said, home maintenance is important. There are various products available but you want to use only those made for dogs, not human products.  There are toothbrushes and even finger brushes available.
In a pinch, you can even use a terry cloth rag, wet with warm water and vigorously rub the gums to help keep them ckean
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Dog tooth brush and cleaning paste is available and should be used, most of us don't, in my case because my Terrier is too strong willed for me to clean his teeth.  Instruction are available under that subject on the web, sure there are videos on Youtube..and elsewhere.

Your dog should, however, have its teeth checked as part of a full physical check up by a licensed veterinarian.  We had an abscessed tooth removed in our Terrier a year or so back, and have had his teeth cleaned a couple of times.  

I have had dogs in the past that chew bones, not animal bones, seemed to be enough to keep the teeth in good order - but regular check up with vet is the best practice.  Yes, dog ownership cost some money.
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