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ill pup, not lethargic

My pup is 7 and a half weeks old. we had her at a house where a 4 year old pom and 7 month old jack russell mix had vomiting and diarrhea for a few days but they both got better. she began being sick four days ago and she lost her appetite for a day or two and had mucousy diarrhea, then we thought she was better yesterday as she was bouncing like her normal self, eating and drinking fluids and passing normal stools but today she has had 2 bloody mucous bouts of diarrhea. the first one was pink, this one this evening was almost brown. she does keep drinking water but has not eaten in 2 days. she was wormed at 6 weeks and has been weaned to solid food at about 3/4 weeks and her diet has not changed. i can not afford the vet bill at the minute but wondering what this could be.
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It is likely this is Parvo virus. It may not be -it may just be a bad bout of infectious gastroenteritis. But little pups like that are susceptible to Parvo which is highly infectious, and believe me (I don't mean to scare you but I have to be honest) -it can kill them.

This pup needs to see the vet and urgently. I would beg borrow or whatever to get her there. Please call the vet before taking her in, and explain the situation. If Parvo is suspected the vet will probably advise you NOT to take your pup into the waiting room, but to take her in through the back door, so as not to spread the infection. Also do take a stool sample with you. It could save time.

Let's hope this is nothing more serious than a bad doggy tummy-bug. They do get them, just like us.

By the way, if it IS Parvo, with the right treatment, she could make it. My dog had Parvo many years ago, and survived ok. She is now a very fit healthy active dog.
So do it -GO TO THE VET.
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At only seven weeks old, your dog might not live long enough till you can afford a vet, she sounds very sick.  Take her  now.
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Wait.... First you said she ate yesterday, then later you state that she hasn't eaten in 2 days.....This puppy is too young to be away from it's mom....So, that leads me to believe it came from a bad breeding facilty & could have any number of illnesses....Puppies this young cannot go out anywhere or even touch unfamiliar ground because of the Parvo Virus.....

Vomiting and Diarrhea are classic signs....This leads to dehydration that can be fatal by itself.....For a infant, even faster......The pink your seeing is blood!
I normally would add that this could be a Parasite, but shes been wormed, so it doesn't fit.....Unless of course it's a parasite the the wormer did not cover....

I suspect Parvo and it's hard to treat. The longer you wait, the less chance she has to survive.....These are the facts!!!........Along w/ getting a puppy goes the responsibility to be able to provide healthcare just as you would a child.....Puppies get sick!

I agree w/lindapalm, I don't think you have much time......Get her some help, quickly.....I wish her the best and hope she's OK......Karla

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if it was parvo, how come the full bred pom or jack russell pup were better after 3/4 days? I know to take her to the vet but at 10pm at night i could not do much other than ask for help
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This may or may not be Parvo, only a test done at the Vet's office can determine that for sure.  I would think the pup would have continued a decline and become very chronically ill.  It may be some type of a virus.  To be on the safe side, if the pup is still showing symptoms, I would definitely get it to the Vet for a check up.
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My concern here is that this puppy has NOT developed it's immune system...Unlike the older dogs you speak of, they are more capable of fighting off an illness, no matter what the illness is......

Puppies get their immune system boost from their mother's milk....Your puppy was on food (As you stated) at 3 wks. which leads me to beleive that she has zero immune system tolerence as of yet, because she didn't get to nurse long enough......Therefore, she cannot fight off anything and she shouldn't be taken out anywhere for weeks.....

Any Virus, Bacteria, Parasite, etc. can take her over quickly.....If she is doing better, GREAT, but you need to be very careful and watch her closely....

Bloody, Mucus Stools is NOT normal no matter how you look at it...Something is going on with her....Hopefully, this is a Virus or digestive problem.....Is there a chance that she got into something she shouldn't have eaten? Something very rich?

Anyway, I hope she's better and yes Margots right. If it was Parvo, she would have gone down quickly.....I hope she's OK...Let us know & good luck...Karla

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