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incontinence after neutering

hi my dog is 5 years old he was neutered about two month ago. initially in the days after his operation he became tired, lifeless and had a loss of appetite. i took him back to our vet who examined him and he put him on a course of antibiotics for 7 days. after this there was little improvement infact i would say the dog was weaker and had lost more weight. i rang the vet again and he put him on steroids and another course of antibiotics for 14 days. since about two or three days after the operation the dog is completely wet in his own urine. after he finished the last course of antibiotics the vet opened him up and checked there was no problems with the operation he had performed. He was satisfied with his work and sent the dog home with us again the next day. however the dog is no better he is constantly wet and has not appetite or energy. i have no idea what to do now as he smells horrible and is so out of character. its really upsetting and the vet doesn't seem to know what to do with him.I have read a lot about dogs wetting themselves after being neutered as a result of a lack of testosterone being produced. could this possibly be the issue? what treatment should i seek??
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