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incontinence in my very young male

my 4 month old male puppy has been leaking so to speak. he'll be just be walking around on the porch and i notice a small trail of urine droplets in his wake... is it just him being excited (hes part beagle and we live near the woods.) or something more serious. also, he vomited up all of his food... i was wondering if the 2 could be connected. ive had dogs my whole life and never seen anything like this....
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Sounds like your doing great with him, as far as training goes. ^^

I don't really think (my opinion) that the bitting and peeing are related, unless it's possible he's bitting out of pain.

I would think the bitting would be, even though it's out of character because he's just starting to grow up, learning to dominate. Especially in small children because they don't discipline your pup every day like you do.

Not to be gross but what do you mean by dry? No saliva mixed in? Not digested? Any weird objects in it?

I would take him to the vet, tell them what is going on and have them tell you for sure what is wrong. To put your heart and mind at ease. I know this didn't help much, sorry.

I hope everything turns out okay!
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hes a well behaved puppy other wise, comes when called, doesnt go into the house unless its very hot out, and he knows to drop something when i tell him to. its just biting, and he knows that hes not supposed to do it, as i put him it a dog carrier as punishment, hes usually well behaved and this is so out of character for him. and his vomiting was very dry and i always make sure he has clean, fresh water to drink and we always buy the same dog food.  and its mainly the leaking that worries me the most and changes in his behavior. hes never bit anyone other than little playful nips.. and theres only a small trail of droplets. i might just be a worry wort and its just the odd mix of breeds that makes his bladder too big for his body...
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He sounds like such a sweetie and I hope you enjoy every second cause time goes by so fast. I never regretted any moment with my 10 year old lab mix, even puppyhood.

Our 4 year old Malamute/Lab  female mix had the same problem by the sounds of it, she would have accidents when laying down. The vet said it was because she was either spayed improperly or too young when the procedure took place. If you talk to your vet and they describe what I am, they'll give you a prescription for a medicine (chew-able pill) that will help the muscles, that stop the accidents from happen. Our dog Jenna took it when she was a small puppy, everyday but now she's gone almost a full 2 years without the pill or any real accidents like that. Be sure to check with the vet, cause I'm just guess but your vet would know more.

As for the vomitting, it might because he ate something he shouldn't have or gobbled his food down before playing. Another reason might be too quickly a change in food which can upset their tummy which I'm sure you know since you've had dogs your whole life. Mention it to your vet when you take your pup but as long as it's not every hour or everyday then you probably don't have anything to worry about.

As for bitting, he's a growing boy and starting to figure out where he fits in the pack (your family). He'll start testing your leadership, the older he gets and the bigger. If he doesn't think you'll follow through with a command, he'll know next time that if he pushes you far enough you'll give into him which is a very bad thing. I know sometimes it's hard because they're puppies but it won't be so cute when he's older. Get him use to everything, including teaching him not to gobble up things on the floor until you tell him because you never know what you'll drop. Another thing, I made sure to teach our pups is not to run out open doors until I say and to not touch a plate of food unless given permission so when we have children over he/she doesn't be rude and steal.  The more effort you put in now, the better it'll be in the future and then you can fully enjoy it.

I hope some of this helps and I appoligize if you already know these things.
I wish you so much luck with your pup and may you two have many adventures together.

Any other question, feel free to message me. I'll try my best to help.
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When we brought Bailey home from our breeder at four months old, we didn't know he had a urinary tract infection. We just thought he was hard to house train. However, his condition progressed from bad to worse. One day he was just laying down and scratching himself. He got up and there was urine on the carpet.

After several visits to the vet, we learned that Bailey had both a high urine pH and an infection. He's on lifetime medication for the high urine pH which will prevent more infections and struvite crystals.

Dogs exhibit pain in different ways than humans. They may bite. They may hide or spend time away from people. They may act aggressive at times. They may be shier than normal. Each dog is different.

UTIs are painful.

Your best bet is to take your puppy to the vet to find out the cause of his peeing and behavior changes.
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I hate to say this, because it isn't meant as a criticism, just an observance...
(And running free in the woods is just about my personal idea of Heaven!! I would run free in the woods with my dog, every hour God sends, if I didn't have to do other things!)

But I am wondering if at 4 months old, he could do with a little more discipline and structure in his activities. He is at a very "impressionable" stage in his development. This is the time he will learn things, and behaviour-patterns that will set him up for the rest of his life.
I am wondering if when he disappears off for an hour or so, having incredible experiences, no doubt, and a lot of fun....he is becoming in a sense half-wild? Dogs are really only one step removed from wildness anyway, I believe. I have to admit that there is an element of charm in that. But it is not a good idea. Not if you want a well-socialized well-behaved dog who looks on you as Leader. Not if you don't want "wild behaviour" (for instance nipping at your daughter....for real, not play....) He could aspire to "Taking over your Pack" and that will mean behaviours that are inappropriate for blending in with normal family life.

The best plan is....yes, to let him run free in the woods....but with someone beside him. And only when he realizes he does this because you ALLOW HIM to do this.
And only when he has proved that he will 1) come back immediately when called...2)do what you tell him to do. ie, when he has responded to training, and is without a shadow of a doubt, accepting of you (or you and your partner) -as his Pack Leaders.

Otherwise these small behaviour changes could get worse, until he might be very hard to control.....

Obviously the dribbling urine symptom could be caused by something physical....or it could be caused by something behavioural....
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actually its most of the time. and other wise hes just a regular little mischievous puppy.. he does disappear from time to time for about an hour or so, but we live on 56 acres mainly wooded areas, and i just assume he smelled something good and chased it down.. lol. but it seems to me that if it were something like that id know, and he has been acting a little off, he tried to bite my niece and not in his usual playful way... and he seems to be growing fine other wise, fast but fine.
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If he was just casually walking around and it's leaking out I would say it was a problem. My parents had a Blue Heeler and everytime we would come around and talk all "sweet" to him he'd get all excited and pee everywhere.  I think he actually did this until he was a little over a yr old. Some are just that way and I don't know why because I have 4 dogs myself and none of them EVER did that. I would say take him to the vet if he's just walking around "minding his own business" and is leaking.  Have you noticed a pattern with this? Is it all the time?   Good luck with your lil doggy. :)
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I don't know for sure. But if he has a urinary infection it could just send his temperature up a little, and possibly could make him slightly nauseous...? How has he been otherwise? Generally fit and well? Acting normally?

It might be a good idea to collect a fresh urine sample, and take him to see the vet. Just to be on the safe side.

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